A Guide on How to Play a Picture Cross Puzzle Game

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Picture Cross Puzzle Game

Picture cross is a challenging game to play but still gets the attention of many gamers. One thing that is interesting about it is the fact that there is an adventurous side to it. Once you fill all the cells with clues, a hidden picture is disclosed to you as a reward for completing that puzzle. Picture cross puzzles are also called Nonograms, Griddlers, or Hanjie. You access picture cross puzzles at no charge except for the optional items, which are paid for unlocking the content quickly. For beginners, it might be challenging to solve a picture cross puzzle without a guide for direction. The guidance and preparation list below will guide you to play your favorite picture cross puzzle step by step.

Preparation Before You Begin To Play

  •         Open Google play store and sign in to gain access
  •         Look for “picture cross-nonogram logic puzzles” and install it from the search results on its search bar.
  •         If the app is not visible through Google play store search, you need to download the APK/XAPK file downloader and double-click to open it. Once done, click the picture cross-Nonogram logic puzzles icon and start playing. Guide To Play Picture cross Puzzle Game

Before you play, note a few things concerning the game.

  • A picture cross-game contains several clues at the edge of the grid, specifically at the beginning of each row and column.
  • The numbers should determine the number of clues you will need to fill in the cells.
  • An empty box separates a filled block from another.
  • A row or column containing over one group of unbroken-filled squares can have more than a single separation box between them.
  • The number clues should not be confused to determine the number of separation boxes between the filled unbroken group of boxes present in a row or column.
  • It is a wise call to solve the puzzle in a line manner. That is row after row-column after column.

Picture Cross Puzzle Game

How to Play

Once inside a picture cross-nonogram puzzle game, begin solving your puzzle by applying the rule of the right. This rule requires you to solve the puzzle starting with the lowest rank (row). You can skip the ranks that contain over one clue for later re-visitation. Make sure that you paint the same number of boxes, leaving at least one separation box between them.

If you encounter a number clue labeled “0”, that should tell you that there should be no painted box in that row or column. Crosses should mark those columns/rows. Fill the ranks from low to the uppermost as presented in the grid.

When attending to the rows, the columns use the same criteria while beginning from the left side. Note: Consider starting your game by filling the boxes with the clue numbers that match the width or length of the grid. For example, in a 5×5 grid, there are five boxes in each row and five boxes in each column. Start filling all the boxes in that row or column when a clue number reads’ 5’ the edge of that grid.

All In All                

Picture cross needs a bit of time and practice to master, but practice makes perfect at the end of it all. There is no direct way to gain tokens in the game. Not to lose hope, you can spend coins to earn token rewards by requesting to replay a previously done puzzle for a few coins. The coins are gained by participating in story reading in the game, where you get to read as many stories as possible. Picture cross puzzles are the best way for you to spend your time. Earn while you read.

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