“A Flying Jatt” review: Tiger Shroff’s heart is quite Indian and not as influenced by Hollywood super hero films

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A Flying Jatt

People were literally going gaga over the trailer of “A Flying Jatt” and could not hold their breath for the film to be released. As we all know that Tiger Shroff has already wooed us off with his tremendous stunt skills in his previous movies, we could not wait to explore him more in “A Flying Jatt”. Tiger is the youngest actor in his generation to bag a superhero movie.

The Plot of “A Flying Jatt”

Remo D’Souza directed action comedy and, co- written by Tushar Hiranandani “A Flying Jatt” delivers a God gifted fighting and dancing hero who is very much devoted to his mother, this might sound legit but it might not when his mother played by the very talented “Amrita Singh” is portrayed as an alcoholic. Later on, it is shown in the movie that Tiger falls for a woman who is well endowed but lacks grey matter. She also believes in social service and is child-friendly. However, “Kay Kay Menon” is portrayed as an industrialist whose factories pollute the entire city with its dump. And to make it more hilarious the badass “Raka” built like a small mountain inhales the toxic gases which are let out by “Kay Kay Menon’s” factory to strengthen his powers when he has a faceoff with Tiger Shroff in the climax. The story is very much predictable as we all know that good always triumph evil.

The review of “A Flying Jatt”

Jatt’s father was the first Sikh to train at the Shaolin School of Martial Arts, and his mother is an alcoholic who always encourages him to save the world. His city is going through a major threat and millions of life are at stake. However, until and unless a small kid shouts “A Flying Jatt” he won’t use his superpowers.

At one point of time the feel of a super hero movie seeps in but somehow gets faded later on as there is an Indian touch to it. “A Flying Jatt is immensely derived from Hollywood movies super hero cliches and amalgamates them with stereotypical Bollywood formulas.

Amrita Singh runs a colony in a Kung Fu Hustle set up colony where nobody pays her the rent. She has no filter on her mouth and just loves her drink. And her son Tiger Shroff is a martial arts teacher and is in love with Jacqueline Fernandes.

What’s good

Due to Tiger’s  fan followers and charming persona the role of a Jatt suited him and somewhat made it entertaining. He has already floored all of us by his dancing and stunt skills in his previous movies, “Heropanti” and “Baaghi”. And this time he did something unconventional than what he has done earlier by playing the role of Jatt. He looks absolutely stunning with the blue mask. The way Tiger Shroff struggles to adapt to his new life due to the powers is quite hilarious. And the way Amrita Singh lovingly nags Tiger to save the world in spite of being an alcoholic is really adorable. Remo has put some hand combat scenes in the movie which don’t have an overdose of VFX and are a treat for the eyes. Nathn Jones who plays Raka looks menacing.

What’s not

The movie takes a wrong turn in the second half. Tiger starts taking himself too seriously and there is a very little humor left in him. And the climax is a major mess. Remo loses his grasp and make the scene into a social service announcement to discard pollution. The Flying Jatt now has a duty to convey environmental welfare messages. The fight between Jatt and Raka takes place on the space, the moon and the orbiting satellite. And there are several scenes straight driven from the Hollywood. Wherein Jacqueline doesn’t have much to do in the movie except for looking glam in the “Beat Pe Booty” song.

Rating of “A Flying Jatt”

“A Flying Jatt may have soared high if the second half wouldn’t have been so dull and the conveying of the environmental welfare messages through the fight would have been excluded, due to which we at team FabNewz have rated this as 5/10.

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