Google Comes up with Google Home, another Praiseworthy Gadget

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Google Home

It is a fact that everyone wants to have a gadget that will help them to complete their tasks and also provide the needed source of entertainment with just a command, and thanks to the advent of technology this dream is fulfilled for all those who believe that laziness is the key to an excellent life. Therefore when Amazon came up with Echo, which is basically a hand’s free speaker which is voice controlled and offers the advantages of playing music, controlling the lights and switches at home and various other facilities, Google gave an apt reply to Amazon with Google Home. This state of the art device makes it a point that they meet to the expectation that one has from such voice controlled devices with the addition of specific features that makes it a must buy for all the eager customers who are looking for something new in the market.

Google Home


The features for which one will choose Google Home include the most precise specification of good looks. It provides the customers with the benefit of customising the appearance of the gadget which will suit and serve as a classy home décor accessory. Apart from that, there is the feature of conversational voice command, which is something that is not present in Amazon Echo, along with the auto sync characteristic where this device will sync with multiple devices all around the house. Therefore it is a fact that people will choose this amazing tool from Google instead of any other.

In conclusion, Google has made it a point that the device reaches the market in the coming month along with attracting the customers by selling the product at a price which is about $50 lesser than Amazon Echo. Thus, apart from its attractive features and price that plays a critical factor Google Home is all set to take the market by a storm.

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