90 Children Fall Sick on Consumption of Lizard Infected Mid Day Meal

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Lizard Infected

Around 90 children fell sick in Giridih on consuming a mid-day meal which got infected by a lizard. The students were immediately rushed to the hospital where they were given treatment. The headmaster of the school then assured that all the children are out of danger now.

The mishap took place in Giridih’s Jamua block. The parents of the children are naturally worried and angry with the irresponsible attitude of the school authority. They clearly stated that they are concerned about the situation so much that they might have to think twice about sending their children to the same school anymore.


The problem was detected when some children started complaining about vomiting, nausea, stomach ache, etc. while they had Khichdi in the lunch provided by the school. “Some of the children were discharged after initial treatment,” said Dr. BM Rai, in charge of the CHC.

The state school education and literacy secretary, Aradhana Patnaik ordered district superintendent of education (DSE) an investigation regarding the matter when she heard the students of complaining about the lizard infected meal.

The DSE Mahboob Alam said that the whole matter would be charged in the case of negligence and conspiracy, and a probe will be conducted. The Chilga Panchayat head Habib Ansari accused the school of being ignorant towards the children’s health. He said that the kitchen where the food is prepared is highly dirty. It is fortunate that the children are safe now. Otherwise, the incident could have caused death to the children.

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