8 Useful Tips To Number Pages In PDF

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One of the important tasks in creating files in PDF with many pages is to organize in sequence. Proper numbering is important to find the required text or information quickly by jumping to the specific page number.

It is also easy for students who use PDF books for their study to find a specific topic by entering the page number. But this is only possible if pages are properly numbered. Otherwise, you have difficulty in finding a topic going through hundreds of pages. It’ll take a lot of time which is not a good thing during exams to waste time in finding a topic to revise.

So, if you are doing a project containing a certain number of pages, it is important to keep whole information properly organized. It will save you from being embarrassed in front of your employer during presenting.

Page numbering will also be helpful if you want to print your file. It saves your time from arranging printed pages in sequence. If numbered properly it will be printed in that proper sequence. If you are working with Soda PDF, it will simplify the numbering. It allows adding numbers to certain pages quickly and easily.


If you want to use Soda Pdf page numbering feature, it has to be configured. It gives you the freedom to add or remove page numbers. You can also move pages if you find the sequence to be incorrect and then use numbering option. Follow these simple steps to add page numbers:

  1. Head to the insert tab on top. Go to the page number and click on insert page number.
  2. Now you have the option to choose desired page ranges which you want to get numbers. It will have different options which are helpful if you don’t want to number the contents and reference pages. You’ll see these options:
  • All
  • Current
  • First
  • Last
  • Range of pages
  1. Choose from these options best suited to your file. It also has an option to add page numbers on different pages. Like if you want to add a number to page 4 to8 and then 10 and 11. You ‘ll specify it in range section as 4-8, 10, 11,
  2. Now comes the number format tab. Here you choose the styles of numbering from available formats.
  3. Then choose the desired font and font size of page numbers to be used from available fonts and sizes.
  4. You’ll see that start tab where you will write the number from which soda PDF have to start numbering. For example, if you want page 3 to be numbered as the one you’ll write 3 in this tab.
  5. In the position tab, you’ll specify the position where numbers are placed on the page.
  6. Then comes the last step to click on insert tab. And your page numbers are added according to your specifications.

Soda PDF simplifies the page numbering by providing many options. No other program provides these options free of cost. You can make your file organized nicely with Soda PDF.

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