8 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Car Tire Pump

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Car Tire Pump

8 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Best Car Tire Pump:Most of us do not know that a car tire pump can be a total life savior in certain circumstances. Consider a situation where you are stuck in the middle of a snowstorm with a flat tire and there is no mode of communication available. A simple 12V portable air compressor proves to be useful in such a case and can inflate the tire easily, getting you back on the track in no time.

So, now that you know how important a tire inflator is, how do you select the best device for you? We have compiled a comprehensive guide that helps you choose the best tire inflator. Here, we discuss the important aspects to consider when looking for a good car tire inflator and we suggest the top considerations for the product.

These are the things you should consider before choosing a car tire inflator:

  1. Portability and Storage

The car tire pump you select should be portable enough to be carried around easily. An inflator which can reach all the tires with the minimum effort is desirable. Moreover, if you plan storing the air compressor in your car when out of use, you should ensure that it is compact enough to fit in a small space in the trunk.

  1. Automation

Who would not want a device which seems to know what it needs to do? Everybody would like to have a car tire pump with pre-programmed settings rather than having to manually input the settings. Moreover, a device that turns off on its own when the desired pressure is reached is better than those that require you to manually turn it off. Such minor conveniences sometimes make the device more expensive but it is worth everything.

  1. Inflation Time

When you search the best portable car tire pumps, consider the time it takes for it to completely inflate small, medium and large tires. This consideration gives you an idea of the waiting time to get the flat filled. If your inflator works fast, you can get going quickly. This is often associated with safety, especially when you are stuck in bad weather or bad surroundings.

Car Tire Pump

  1. Tire Size

Some of the car tire pumps are designed to be able to inflate large tires while some others are not so capable. You should see that the compressor you select is capable of inflating the size of tire you own. You will otherwise be carrying useless weight on the back of your car.

  1. Duty Cycle

Duty Cycle refers to the entire amount of time the inflator takes to cool down after being used for some time. A longer duty cycle means you have to wait longer before using the inflator again. If the compressor reads as ‘50% duty cycle’, it means it is capable of running continuously without any need to cool down.

  1. Choose One with A Pressure Gauge

This is a non-negotiable feature for any vehicle because even the most basic models offer pressure gauge. It gets you rid of the need to deal with a traditional stick-style tire gauge. It is advisable to get the gauge that stops at preset pressure. Such a setting avoids any incident of over-inflation. You can stay away from the guesswork involved in the task of filling the tires.

Consider accessories: Accessories like high-flow adapter and variety of nozzle sizes can easily convert your portable tire inflator into a multi-tasking tool.

  1. Consider A Model with A Flashlight

A flashlight can prove to be a great safety feature in case you ever get stuck in the night and need inflating your tires.

  1. Look for The Warranty

Like any other vehicle part, warranty should be considered along with the price. Look for the perfect balance between quality and value.


It is important to select a good quality car tire pump to ensure years of service and performance.

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