8 Safety Measures for Solo Woman Car Trip

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When you’re behind the wheel of a car, whether alone or with passengers, driving safely should always be your top concern. We’re more distracted than ever when we are travelling alone.

Don’t judge me if I would say that anxiety and stress reach a new level if you are a woman who is on her solo car trip!

While solo woman car trip may look intimidating way to travel, the reality is that there are thousands of women who travel solo and are more confident due to this. It’s just about taking care of certain things!

If you are planning to go for a solo woman trip, it is crucial to know the basics of safe driving and practice them every time you’re on the road during your solo journey.

Here are some safety measures for solo woman car trip:

1) Have your driving plan ready

During your solo trip, manage your time for quick refreshments, rest breaks, phone calls or any other requirements. Do not distract yourself by eating while driving, just pulls over for a few minutes if you need to take a break.

Pro Tip: Every time before starting the car, check if the mirrors, belts and other controls are in place.

2) No distraction while driving

When you are driving, do not use your mobile phone or another device, concentrate only on driving. Do not multitask, if you urgently need to use your phone, park your vehicle to a side safely and then use it.

Pro Tip: Remember that speeding does not benefit anyone, slow down as it will allow you to react in case of any threatening event.

3) Drive safely, for yourself and others

Always keep an eye on the rear mirrors to know how others are driving. Check for the crazy motorists and be prepared to expect the unexpected at any times, be alert. Keep proper distance between your car and the car ahead.

Pro Tip: Increase all the measures mentioned above by 10X in case of a bad weather.

4) Always have an emergency kit

Having an emergency kit before heading on a solo car trip is essential. To begin, grab everyday household items like a flashlight, water bottles, antiseptic swabs, band-aids, a cell phone charger, and other things if any.

Pro Tip: To keep all of the items in one place, grab a small backpack or a small crate you already have in the house, which will keep all of the items in one place.

5) Know some essential maintenance tricks

Learn a few car DIY maintenance skills before hitting your solo road trip. Even if you get your vehicle inspected, you never know, and something may come up.

Pro Tip: A tire check is a must, also learn how to change a tire.

6) Take care of the luggage and other items

In case if any of the unpacked items fall on the car floor, do not attempt to pick it up while the car is in motion.

Pack your luggage properly, secure it such that it does not move constantly. Keep the items like tissues, toll cards, driving license within your reach.

Pro Tip: Always wear your seatbelt and drive safe.

7) Take care of the valuables

Lock all of your valuables in a bag or glove compartment. You can stow all luggage in the trunk.

Pro Tip: Do not carry valuable on your solo trip. Try to minimise the valuables in the form of gifts or souvenirs for your family and friends.

8) Know where you’re going at all times

Have directions handy whenever you’re going somewhere new. Keep a GPS device in your car if it doesn’t have a navigation system. This device will allow you to be tracked if you are lost.

Pro Tip: Use Google Maps to know the traffic levels

Although we take all the necessary measures as mentioned above, sometimes unforeseen events cannot be avoided and hence it is essential to take further precautionary measures.

We can save ourselves a substantial amount of trouble if we take a bit more of precaution. Vehicle insurance is one such precautionary measure.

While travelling on a woman solo car trip, having a car insurance online policy becomes a must as it protects not only the car but the solo driver. Even if you have thoroughly inspected your car before starting your journey, accidents can still arise to disrupt your otherwise smooth journey. At this point, having a comprehensive car insurance policy comes as a boon. Inexpensive car insurance policies are widely available now, and these policies cover the third-party damage expenses as well.

A car insurance company will not only cover losses or damages caused by your vehicle to third-party, but it will also cover your vehicle too. Moreover, there are some car insurance companies in India which also offer roadside assistance cover which comes handy, especially when you are travelling alone during the night. In case your car breakdowns or you meet with an accident, or your vehicle runs out of the fuel, your one call to the insurer can take care of everything. In case, the issue is minor; the insurer will get it repaired on the spot, however, in case of major issue, the insurer will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage. In certain situations, the car insurer will also make accommodation arrangements for you. With the help of car insurer, you can contact your family members and inform them of your whereabouts.

Thanks to roadside assistance cover, you don’t need to take the risk of trusting on strangers and asking for help. Just one call to the car insurer and all your woes would be taken care of.

While buying a car insurance online, it is essential to read and understand the terms and conditions associated with it. To get the best car insurance quote, run a quick online comparison which will help you choose the best car insurance online policy. The car insurance calculator available also allows you to know the best rates and premium amounts.


For solo woman travellers, it is not only essential that you take good care while driving, but it is also necessary that you prepare for any unforeseen event through a vehicle insurance policy. This should be your priority while taking a solo trip.

So, planning a solo car trip? Check for the weather reports, stay alert behind the wheels, keep your phone always charged, carry an ID card, but first pack your vehicle insurance policy!

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