8 Fun Ways to Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

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Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Teenage girls are constantly going through a lot, whether they tell you or not. And even if your teenage daughter is outspoken and open with you, as a parent it’s not always easy to know what’s truly going on underneath it all. But the truth is you don’t have to pry secrets, interrogate them, or pull teeth trying to get to know them. Instead, you have to build some trust and allow them to open up to you in their own time. And the best way to do that is to create more experiences together in which you can both bond. In other words, you don’t have to force it, but, as an adult, you can plan it. So, whether you approach it inconspicuously or directly, here are eight fun ways to better bond with your teenage daughter.

Make Crafts

One fun activity for a bonding girl’s night is to make some cute crafts together. You can do this in the comfort of your own home, making anything from bracelets and necklaces to paper flower bouquets. You can also attend paint nights, pottery classes, or any number of art-related workshops at a local art store or art school. After you’ve put together your crafts, make sure to keep them for the sake of memory.

Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Redecorate Their Room

Teenage girls are constantly evolving, discovering their personality and the things they like with each passing new trend. So, why not allow them to express themselves by redecorating their room? Not to mention, their room may be outdated, still using leftover furniture from when they were very little.

Come up with a plan and a budget and head to a home decor store for a few transformative items like a new bedspread or some inspirational artwork. Not only is it fun to get creative, but it also gives a glimpse of who they are. And it might surprise you how eager they are to put some elbow grease into it! Allow them to paint their walls or hang shelves, photos, or tapestries. Not only is it a fun way to bond with them, but it teaches them the value of hard work. If they want a bedroom that reflects who they are, they have to put in the work.

Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Bake a Family Recipe Together

One way to bond with your teenage daughter is to teach her an old family recipe. Instead of complicating it with cooking an entire three-course dinner, keep it simple and start with something basic like cookies or a cake. Not only is this a wonderful way to pass on your prized pastry recipe, but it’s also a smart way to start a new tradition for annual holidays or birthdays. Teach her the recipe and then hand it down for her to bake for friends or even when she goes off to college. Who knows? Maybe when she’s homesick, it’ll bring her comfort and remind her of home.


Take a Road Trip

What better way to bond with your teenage daughter than to take a road trip? It can be within your state or even cross-country, but, wherever the road takes you, make sure to have fun along the way. So, pick a destination, and grab all the snacks, cute clothes, and cute car accessories you may need to enjoy the ride. Don’t forget your favorite tunes too! And if your daughter is old enough to have her learner’s permit, hand over the keys and let her gain some extra confidence as she drives and explores new roads and areas.

Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Go Camping

If your daughter loves the outdoors, why not also go camping on your road trip? Or you can simply grab the tent and cooler and head to a local state park for some one-on-one time. You’ll be able to have long conversations by the bonfire at night, getting to know her hopes and dreams.

And camping doesn’t have to be roughing it, either! Go glamping instead, pitching a spacious tent and decorating the campsite with string lights and the picnic table with a lovely tablecloth and bouquet.


Attend a Concert or Festival

If your teenage daughter has a favorite band or musician, surprise her with concert tickets! Sure, your tastes in music may be vastly different and you may not know the lyrics to sing along, but just spending quality time together and treating her to a night she’ll probably never forget is one amazing, fun way to bond. And not only does it feel good to dance and sway, but it will also make you feel young again too!

Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Have a Girls Night In

Have a girls night in surrounded by your favorite cozy blankets and bond over a few fun activities. Put away all your cares and have dinner delivered, sparing the two of you any hard work in the kitchen (except maybe that passed-down recipe for dessert later). Pamper each other with a mani-pedi or make crafts, as mentioned above. You can even put together a cute puzzle that takes some extra teamwork while listening to music or putting on your favorite movie in the background. Just be sure to indulge in some desserts later.

Better Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Or Have a Girls Night Out

Instead of a girl’s night in, make it a girl’s night out. Head for dinner and have some good, long conversations. Let them choose a favorite restaurant, even if it’s a cuisine you’ve never tried before. Or you can both venture out and try a new up and coming restaurant. Afterward, grab some movie tickets to catch the latest blockbuster feature. It can be a sappy chick-flick that’ll have you both in tears, an action-adventure with leading ladies, or animation that inspires your creative artist daughter.


Discover a Way to Bond with Your Teenage Daughter

Finding a way to bond with any teenager is never easy, especially with girls, but it’s not impossible. The trick is not to force it (or embarrass them), and to place them in their comfort zone, whether it’s a loud concert or peaceful campground. Then, you just listen. You might be pleasantly surprised by the subjects you touch on, feeling better about the choices they make when you’re not there. And, in the end, you will have bonded and became a bit closer.

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