7th Pay Commission : Defence Minister Urges To Imply Overruling Chiefs

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7th Pay Commission

Defence Minister of India Manohar Parrikar made his best attempt to urge the cabinet to implement the 7th pay commission in all possibilities thus overruling service chiefs without delaying it.


The defence services of the country, Armed Forces, Air Force and the Navy asked for an agreement on behalf of servicemen hence informing to implement the pay scale as soon as possible. Although, the open signal has been kept aside until all the anamolies as well as flaws are addressed appropriately.

On September 12, the three service chief headed by Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee, Air Chief Arup Raha met the Defence Minister to quickly attain the anomalies in context of 7th pay commission, that could be achieved in a rolled out manner which is to be looked by the government. Defence Minister confronted the trio services hence stating as the 7th pay commission will be implemented very soon.

One of the major anomaly and grievenace in the pay scale is that it do not include as well as allow non-functional upgrade, which is subsequently available to bureaucratic level. The respective non-functional upgrade allows bureaucrats, who have passed, to get a higher pay scale as soon as they successfully achieve the next level and get into higher rank. Apparently the pay structure provided to the bureaucracy is different from civilian bureaucracy.

The message from Mr. Parrikar to imply the commission comes during that time when the maximum number of the section believes that military pay scale as well as perks are higher and better than most other government agencies and organizations. At present date, it’s still under dilemma whether defence forces may withdraw their signals and thus take up the step to implement the 7th pay commission in every plausible way.

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