7th Pay Commission: Cabinet Releases Arrears for Defense Personnel Pensioners

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The Union Cabinet has recently proposed to give arrears to thousands of Defense pensioners who were having high hopes from the government after the fresh recommendations made for 7th Pay Commission. The center, yesterday, released series of notifications where Defense personnelwho have long served the nation and who arenow enjoying their retirement smiled with joy as the good news poured in.

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Information shared by Union Minister of State of Defence, who made the announcement regarding the distribution of arrears from next fiscal year. As per recent data, near about 7 to 8 lakhs defense pensioners of which Punjab and Haryana top the list with numbers rising to 2,77,000 and 2,71,000, respectively. Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra being the largest States, the numbers of Defense personnel stood at few thousands who previously served the nation henceforth standing 4, 31,000.at

As we earlier reported that Centre has planned to provide Dearness Allowances to the central government employees, specifically employees belonging to Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), where the railway employees showcased their rage by not including them into the 7th pay commission recommendation. Performing a day’s strike across the nation, railway employees urged Center to include their salary when increasing the basic or dearness allowances.

However, despite the effort made by the Union Cabinet, employees are continually disapproving the revised salary or basic pay package as it comes as not much beneficial for them. Urging to have at least 3.5% increase in basic pay, the recently hiked number i.e. 2% is somewhat similar to the 6th pay commission recommended during Congress rule. With a new government, people expect increased amount of hike along with decent annual packages, as it already has lots of terms and conditions for promotions and appraisals.

With an almost total of 18 lakh pensioners in Defense and 47 lakh pensioners as civilian government pensioners, the government has already asked States to imply the recommendation as soon as possible. Few States have implied wherein rest of them calls it a shortage of revenue of funds provided by the Centre, in the recent Budget 2017. Therefore, paying hiked salary and distributing pensions to the recipients comes as a most pivotal task for Centre so as to put everyone in merry mode.

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