7 Ways To Make Math Easy And Fun For Kids

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Math can be one of the fun subjects to teach your kids. But it is also true that some kids find math difficult as well. If your kids are struggling to perform well in math, here are some easy ways you should make math easy and fun for your kids:

1. Turn Math Into A Game

There are many ways to do this. Kids love anything that has an element of fun and competition in it and it will be no different with math.

Even if it as simple as a school cards and boards games of numbers, if the kids feel that they are competing with their siblings or their parents, they will not look at it as it is math. They will take it as a game. When math is learned in a fun environment, it will be hard to forget.

2. Take Math To The Screen

Today’s kids love their gadgets. If it has a screen, they fall in love with it. Thankfully, you can help them academically by taking math to the screen.

Yo can do this by the use of apps that are designed to help in math. If you do not know the best apps to start with, you can look for reviews online.

Some of the most popular apps that most parents know and use often include Dreambox, Mathville and Prodigy. You can also try using IXL to help the children practice math skills.

3. Teach The Children About The Importance Of Math

Most children detest math because they do not see how relevant it will be to their life. Thus, as a parent, the best place to start is by teaching them the different ways in which math can be applied in real life.

Start with the simplest things that you do at home that include cooking, and teach them a few things about how math can be applied in the kitchen. For example, when baking, you have to measure ingredients.

It is important that you involve the kids in such real life applications of math. In addition, you can have the little children sort out coins of various denominations while the older ones can help make an interim budget for groceries and other shopping needs at home.

4. Speak Positively About Math

Just because you were not good at math when you were in school, it does not mean that your child will suffer the same fate too. Many parents say phrases like, I hated math, I failed math, you are like me, I could never excel in math and they think that they are helping their children.

On the contrary, such negativity affects children adversely. Try to encourage the children to solve math problems. Even when they fail, encourage them to try again until they get it right. In addition, push them gently to practice math every day.

5. Get Assistance From The Teacher

Math teachers know what kind of assistance you should give your children so that they can excel in math. They help in developing the habits of creating book reports and also know the best math games for children of a certain table to play at the dinner table.

Teachers can help you with resources that you need to encourage children to learn and practice math. Consult with the teacher, work together to improve your kids’ knowledge in math.

6. Combine Math With Literature

If you have a child who loves reading but does not have a heart for math, you will be happy to know that you can combine literature with math.

Start with books written by Greg Tang and also try picture books and other types of texts to help reinforce different concepts in math. Other books and resources that kids will love include Joan Sweeney’s Me Counting Time and Stuart J. Murphy’s Get Up and Go.

7. Introduce Learning Apps

Technology has made life easy for us and that is true when it comes to learning things as well. Especially if you have grown up kids who can learn themselves using apps, you can give them access to best free tutoring app.

Your college going kids can take advantage of android college study app to have solution to all their study related problems. To make learning math easy and fun, introduce best learning math app to your kids. So, learning apps can play an important role when you are too busy to help your kids with their study.

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