7 Ways to Impress Your Crush and Get Them to Like You

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Your Crush and Get Them to Like You

How to Look Attractive to Your Crush: Thinking about your crush and spending all the whole day and night to impress your crush, which in turns you cannot focus your studies or work. Your favourite crush is the person who is always coming to your mind and causes lots of distraction because they worth it. At the same time, you may not that felt the same as the person who values the most. In such cases, the common question arouses is that How to Look Attractive to Your Crush. This may sometimes be frustrating and confusing to get success.


Your Crush and Get Them to Like You

Just follow the below steps and find the answer for How to Look Attractive to Your Crush


1. Always be a head-turner

When you like someone and fix them as your crush, the same person doesn’t think of you the same way that you think. Because physical appearance is not the matter when you like someone but at the same time your appearance is the first step to gain your crush’s attention. So dressing up and grooming something related to your physical appearance is the first step which turns their crush’s head to look at you. Don’t carry ourselves in the way funny which is also a head-turner but not the impressive aspect instead present yourselves neat and well mannered.

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2. Appealing fragrance

Not everyone looks good, and looking good and handsome people are only impressed by your crush then very few are eligible for a dinner date. So fragrance and perfumes also play a major role in seeking the attention of crush. The person who is crossing our side a sweet fragrance is automatically attracted our mind.

3. Refreshing smile

As today’s world is full of tension and stress it is better and must to have a soothing and refreshing smile which can become your asset. For many who have no idea and still relied on the question How to Look Attractive to Your Crush then the answer is your bright smile which can your day as well as your crush day. So keep a confident and hearty smile with you. It is common because whenever you feel down somebody’s smile can charge you up so apply the same thing to others.

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Your Crush and Get Them to Like You

4. Outstanding performance in your style to impress

Not everyone has the attractive physic or face to impress many they want to. There is always a thing more than the physical appearance to impress your crush. Just find out in which stream to are good and prove your excellence at that point. Your excellence is become a good impression and makes your crush feel your importance and interest.

For example, if are a painting artist, exhibit your excellence, if you are an instrument player, just play your masterpiece or something which is something special for your crush. Attending a workshop towards your core surely helps to enhance your skills as well to impress your crush too.

5. Develop a friendship with your crush

For a good relationship, friendship is the best foundation. Do some favor to your friend who is your crush which automatically helps you to get noticed as well as you both have a great time to get to know each other in a better way. be natural and do not overact or react to maintain the relationship because sometimes it may seem fake.

6. Find your crush interest and offer concern to them

It is a very smart approach to find your crush’s interest and start your conversation with him or her. Sometimes coincidentally you both may have the same interest and it develops a connection and become a better companion. Develop genuine concern and care, when talk or share something with you. Avoid distractions such as looking at mobiles and something instead maintain good eye contact and listen to her with appropriate reactions.

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Your Crush and Get Them to Like You (2)

7. Give appreciations

Giving appreciations and praises for the small things are a sign of notification. It means a lot, it will feel like that you are valuing him/her, and your crush felt thankful towards you. Thank your crush and appreciate him/ her is a great thing for How to Look Attractive to Your Crush.


Don’t be over-excited or over reacted to your crush, don’t get too much stress to impress your crush and fulfill his/her criteria to reach their standards. Mostly crush and other related kinds of stuff are to get concentrated in the adolescent age. It is a kind of hormonal change and it is common for every human to just over through and succeed in this kind of desire and never think impressing your crush is the achievement of your life. Life is a wide part it has more things to explore other than How to Look Attractive to Your Crush.

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