7 Swanky Tech Gadgets Every Tech-Loving Man Should Have

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Technology is a part of our lives like never before. Not only does it make our life easier but assists us in getting a lot of tasks done much faster and with more convenience. If you are a tech-loving man, then you would want to own the latest tech gadgets. If money is keeping you back from buying the next tech gadget on your list, apply for MoneyTap’s mobile loan and go ahead with that buy.

7  Tech Gadgets Every Tech-Loving Man Should Have

1. Executive Lightweight Laptops and Laptop Stand

Every executive needs a laptop, period. But not every laptop can make itself useful for a tech lover. A thin, sleek, powerful and long-lasting laptop is what does the trick. It will let you perform numerous work-related and personal tasks from the comfort of your home, cafe or even a plane. Executive laptops are also loaded with several important tools and apps that can help every tech lover.

Using a laptop might not always be comfortable, especially when it starts heating up. A laptop stand usually has 2 vented CPU cooling fans and adjustable legs that can be locked for security and repositioned to use the laptop at a comfortable angle.

2. Smartphone

A smartphone offers almost everything a laptop can, with more convenience, and then some more. It makes communication, research, email, entertainment, fitness, photography, banking and gaming really easy, fast and available at your fingertips. By downloading various apps relevant to you, it is possible to get a great smartphone experience.


No two smartphones are similar as each smartphone has different features that they can boast of. Some are larger in size, some have a better camera, some are more powerful and some are longer-lasting. With new smartphones being launched every other day, you might be tempted to buy the latest one. You can apply for a mobile loan to add another smartphone to your collection.

3. Smart Security Camera

Security is one issue that you must never compromise on. It becomes all the more important if you want to check on your home when you are traveling. A smart security camera allows you to do all that through your smartphone. Place the camera near any outlet in your home and connect it to your wireless internet. You will be able to see what the camera is seeing and hear everything that is going on in the room through your smartphone.

4. Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo gives you a smart home experience that allows you to do numerous tasks when you are too lazy to get off the couch. It has the ability to control the switches, lights and numerous smart home products like Wink and Nest. Echo has a loud and uniquely designed set of speakers that surround the devices to fill the room with audio. Furthermore, its microphones can easily pick up your voice from across the room.

5. Digital SmartWatch or Fitness Tracker

Smartwatches or fitness trackers are devices that offer you brilliant Technology and all you have to do is put them on your wrist. They help you lead a healthier lifestyle by giving you vital metrics such as calories burnt and heart rate. You can easily connect them with your smartphone and use certain apps without having to use the mobile device.

6. RIF6 Cube

It is an amazing device that allows you to protect your mobile phone with a 120″ display. You just have to connect your smartphone to the cube and you can enjoy Netflix, pictures, YouTube videos, etc., on a nearby wall. Since it is small, lightweight and portable, you can easily carry it when you travel too. It is great for projecting official presentations as well.

7. Portable Battery Charger  

If you are constantly on the move, you would know the frustration of your smartphone running out of battery at crucial moments or being stuck to a charging point wherever you go. This is where a portable battery charger comes in handy as it lets you charge your smartphone from basically anywhere. With it, you wouldn’t have to constantly plan your day according to the life of your battery.

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