7 Secrets To Look Younger

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Look Younger

Age is an unstoppable factor. As soon as a year passes, the chances of an additional wrinkle on our face increase. Also with the rising pollution in the environment, people are prone to many diseases which make them look aged prematurely. However, every woman wants to look young forever. But in such adverse environment how would one work to safeguard their youth. Do not worry we are here with a few tips on how to look younger than your real age. Here they go:

1. Smile, It Costs Nothing

Many studies have proved that the person who smiles a lot stays healthy and Young. Smiling de-stress our bodies and make you look less than your real age. In a test, a few people were shown photographs of individuals having different emotions on their face. It was observed that those pictures which have happy faces in them were rated to be the younger group, while it was not the reality.

2. Eat Fruits; Especially Grapes

Eating fruits is advised by doctors for many health benefits. One such benefit is glowing and healthy skin. Fruits are full of healthy nutrients and source of skin health enhancing minerals especially grapes. Sorbitol is the main deliverable of grapes. It is a type of humectant that is responsible for the sweet taste of grapes. It affects the health of the skin and enables it to absorb more water ultimately retaining the moisture. So next times you see a bunch of grapes in the fruit stall just grab it and start munching right away?

3. Pamper Yourself

Despite healthy eating and drinking habits, we lose our youth to time. As age takes a toll on our skin our looks change accordingly. To look years less than your age you must take necessary care of your hair and skin.. try coloring your hair for hiding the graying effect d try availing regular hair and body spa packages to maintain the health of your skin and hair. Deep cleansing of both hair and skin may make you look much younger than you are.

4. A Little Makeup

Whosoever invented makeup must be a priest of youth and beauty. Make helps you hide your age with simple strokes of compact and lipstick. Try all the new trends in the market that suit your personality. But be cautious that over makeup may harm your skin also may make you look odd if not done in proper manner.

5. Trap The Hydration

Cleansing and moisturizing your skin is very important it helps your skin stay healthy. For best skin in your later years bar using soaps right away. Soaps have tendencies to dry your skin and thus causing serious skin damages. Try using a cleanser instead and keep your skin silky smooth. Use moisturizers according to your skin type. Ensure that you use the right type of moisturizer for day and night.

6. Dress Bright

Let the girl inside you decide what you want to wear. Gone are the days when dull and mature were the colors for aged adults. Nowadays you must feel free to wear your favorite color anytime. Choose bright colors and perfect fits as per your body type and get ready to become one head turner by looking 5 times younger than your real age.

7. Meditate

Having a healthy mind with a healthy body is very important. The stress on mind makes a person looks older than he really is. Meditation may help you keep the unwanted tensions at bay and make you fresh and rejuvenated all the time.

Looking forever young is possible with little efforts. All you need to do is follow all the above steps. Remember if you feel old you will look old. So stay young from the heart and see how people come after you asking the secret of your forever young look.

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