7 of the Best Places to Vacation in America

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7 of the Best Places to Vacation in America:

The United States of America sure has a lot to offer in a lot of ways, traveling for vacation, included. The first thing you will have to do when planning a vacation in the US is to decide whether to visit East or West Coast. This decision will largely be based on the type of vacation you’re looking to have, but no matter which cost you prefer, you will surely find a city that will shed some new perspective into your life, which is the ultimate goal of all travels.

1. New York City

The Big Apple is by far the most interesting city the US has to offer and it’s one of the largest, busiest metropolia in the world. From Broadway to the Met, Brooklyn to East Village, New York has it all and it will surely amaze any non-experienced traveler. It’s a great destination for vacation, as the city is packed with many cultural activities you could do during the day, as well as unforgettable nightlife, which is talked about for more than a century. Just think twice about using Uber.

2. Maui

And now, something completely different. Maui is a rather small island in Hawaii, but it has just about anything you might need. The island is packed with many breathtaking activities that you might choose to take up and create a perfect vacation for yourself. Maui is home to some of the most wonderful beaches the US has to offer, with a stunning number of five different sea turtle species.

3. San Francisco

If you are looking to have a vacation filled with cultural activities or get an inside look at the world’s busiest start-up scene, San Francisco is a place to be. The Golden Gate remains one of the greatest monuments and the views and sight from it are one of a kind. The art current is strong, with many art exhibitions and music performances throughout the city, which is why it’s a must for anybody looking to have an artsy holiday.

4. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is pure glamour and fun, which is why it makes a great combination with San Francisco. LA is one of the most diverse cities in the whole world and it’s packed full of countless fun activities. If you are outgoing, you might want to consider organizing a party trip that would start in San Francisco, continue in Los Angeles and end up in Las Vegas. After all, you have to go to Vegas once in your lifetime.

That being said, when a lot of partying is being involved, it’s probably not the best idea to drive. You might want to consider using charter bus rentals to drive you and any friends or family going with you on this mini-tour.

5. Las Vegas

Even if you are not planning on doing the Holy Trinity of West Coast Travel, you should consider visiting Las Vegas on its own. Renowned for its nightlife, Vegas is sure to stun you with amazing landmarks, such as The Vegas Strip. You will also get to enjoy great weather, as well as enjoy a great bit of nature, as Vegas contains both deserts and mountains.

6. New Orleans

A home to the world greatest jazz musicians, New Orleans remains a home to musicians and artists from all around the world. Despite being plagued by environmental disasters in the past decades, New Orleans continues to thrive. The recognizable Bourbon street is still busy, especially come Mardi Gras time.

7. Seattle

Seattle is perfect for those who are not too keen to spend too much time in the sun, as the weather is usually cloudy. However, the city more than makes up for that by being a home to a great art scene, which contains a great deal of history and culture.

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