7 Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Decrease Your Insurance Premium

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Life Insurance

Having adequate life insurance often becomes expensive due to the lifestyle we lead and the habits that we have. Habits which reduce your life expectancy can really be a matter of concern while deciding your life insurance premium. Nevertheless, having a sufficient insurance cover that financially protects your loved ones in your absence is essential. To reduce the premium and to have that adequate cover, you must know some lifestyle factors that affect the insurance premium.

Effect of Health Issues on Life Insurance Premium:

Some diseases increase the premium of your life insurance in a blink of an eye, like- Hypertension, Diabetes, and Crohn’s Diseases. Hypertension increases the chances of cardiac arrest and other heart-related problem whereas diabetes increases the chances of kidney damage, damage to the eyesight, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Crohn’s diseases can infect your digestive system and cause severe problems if not treated on time. But all these problems can be controlled with a healthy lifestyle.

So, here are seven lifestyle changes you must adapt to lead a healthy life and reduce your life insurance premium.

1. Quit Smoking Today

Smoking can cause many health issues including cardiovascular diseases and lung diseases, thus, decreasing the life expectancy of the smoker. An insurance company providing life insurance would not see whether you smoke a single cigarette a day or an entire pack. If you smoke, the premium considerably increases. It can go up by 70 to 80 percent as well. For the sake of your health and to pay less in terms of insurance premium, you must quit smoking as soon as possible.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight

In case you have heart-related ailments and high blood pressure, your life insurance premium can go up by a considerable amount. Obesity plays a significant role in the occurrence of these diseases. In order to be healthy, you need to keep a regular check on your weight, eat healthy food, and say no to junk.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Insomnia is common in this generation, courtesy late-night office shifts or excessive use of laptops and mobiles. However, not getting enough sleep can ruin your health, gradually if not instantly. From gaining weight to reduced metabolism, many health problems start cropping up. And once you are unhealthy, your life insurance premium shoots up. So, get at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily to keep yourself sturdy and fresh.

4. Wake up Early and Exercise

Daily exercising is beneficial to our health and who does not know this fact. But in this fast-paced life, daily hitting the gym can be cumbersome. If you cannot hit the gym regularly, you can at least wake up early, hit the road, practice yoga, go cycling or take a brisk walk. All these can reduce many health issues which in turn can help decrease the premium for your insurance coverage.

5. Drink Enough Liquid, Not Alcohol

It’s important to drink enough water to stay hydrated at all times. Otherwise, low blood pressure can make you weak, and gradually gastroenterological problems like Crohn’s disease can emerge.

6. Know Your Occupational Risks

If you are working in an industrial plant or construction site that is equipped with many hazards, your insurance company will think twice before providing you with insurance cover. Even if it does, the premium will be high considering the lower life expectancy related to these occupations as compared to a person who works in an office set-up. If you can manage an indoor job without much hazard to your life, it will not only decrease your life insurance premium but also secure your life.

7. Improve Your Diet and Eat Healthy

Good food habits can help increase your life expectancy by positively affecting your health. Do not segregate food as bad or good rather categorise then as healthy and unhealthy. Once you do that, you automatically eat healthy enough to retain your health.


Adopting these lifestyle changes may not sound like something that is easy to do. But it can have many benefits not only for your health but also with respect to life insurance premiums.

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