7 Key Takeaways for Successful Digital Agencies

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Corporate industries are moving at light speed with continuous progress of digital tools, techniques and technologies. Brands need to keep up with the pace for survival in the highly competitive world and maintain digital dominance.

Staying updated to the emerging trends and always prepared to leverage them fully is the only way to guarantee success for a typical digital agency in Dubai. To maximize digital marketing strategy for a brand and keeping it on the fast track in future, here’re a few takeaways for success all through!

A word on Vertical videos

Mobile devices are here to stay and they’re constantly evolving to become bigger, better and faster. With this, one notable change is significant use of vertical videos catering directly to mobile users. The trend is considered to gain momentum with many different mobile developers and user mind-set.

Massive shift towards Virtual Reality (VR)

The arrival of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and many other VR viewing devices, Virtual Reality has become a much accepted fact. While the technology’s still expanding among the customers and marketers at large, early adopters have a competitive edge over their rivals in terms of solutions and a means to top up the digital platform. A highly successful digital agency in Dubai or anywhere in the world now offers VR solutions.

App-based SEO in demand

We’re living in the world of smart apps and this trend is expected to become more popular in coming years. As industry experts predict basic browser web experience is likely to decline, now is the ideal time for digital agencies and developers to increase their share in the apps.

Homecoming of Augmented Reality (AR)

While complete development and integration of Augmented Reality (AR) technology is expected in coming years, savvy consumers are more acquainted to the semi-augmented reality experience. It merges both physical and digital worlds for a truly realistic experience such as QR codes. Competitive marketers associated with a digital agency in Dubai should incorporate more of these experiences in their strategies allowing consumers to integrate with digital and actual presence of a brand altogether.

Likeliness to Interactive Content

Dynamic interactive content has rapidly taken over the traditional features due to overall improved and engaging experience. Interactive content correspond directly to a user’s personal inputs thereby making online experience more resonant and relevant.

The urge for User-generated Content

It’s about time brands realize the power and potential of user-generated content which encourages consumers to define content for brand through shares and submissions among the social platforms. Besides saving time and trouble for brands in creating their own content, user-generated approach helps in building a stronger consumer community.

Tide of Social Media Aggregation

Social media apps nowadays are contending to become everyone and everything. As a result, brands need increasing their social presence in apps for visibility and valuable to users.

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