7 Health Benefits of Keeping Flowers at Home

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Have you ever wonder why people put flowers in the buildings? Maybe the first thought that comes into mind is that they are a part of the interior design. But, actually, there is another reason that is more important, which is they can contribute to the occupant’s health. The following are 7 health benefits of keeping fresh cut flowers at home.

Improve Air Quality

Fresh cut flowers can change the air quality by absorbing harmful gas that enters into the room. Examples of gases it can absorb are carbon dioxide, benzene, and VOCs. For many people, it is a usual thing to breathe in these air pollutants, they come from the household detergents and cleaning products that you use to clean your home. While absorbing carbon dioxide, it releases a large amount of oxygen. The more oxygen is in the air, the fresher the air will be which can promote a more stress relieving atmosphere perfect for a good rest at night.

Boost Your Mood

Ordering some fresh flowers from the online florist and putting them in the room can be uplifting to your mood. If you are in a depressed state, you may suddenly feel like you are happier and be in a mood to do things that you enjoy doing. In case you feel alone and there is no one in the house, you can still see the flowers and think that there is at least flowers with you. Cut flowers are not yet dead, they will stay alive for a few more days before wilting. Flowers don’t say anything. They will keep on releasing nice smell, complementing the atmosphere and making you feel happy. Get more details here.

Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress

The fragrant smell that the flowers release can ease the stress you are facing in your body. The pleasant smell can stir up the body to produce serotonin to get rid of the negative emotion. So, don’t forget to put some flowers in a vase on your work desk. It will also help if you frequently feel stressed in doing college assignments or studying for the exam in the last hour. Having a flower on your desk will keep you going until you complete your work.

Improve Sleep Quality

Flowers can improve your quality of sleep. It’s probably because people like to smell perfume in the bedroom. It feels more relaxing and easier to go to sleep when it is sleeping time. Lavender is one of the best flowers for improving sleep quality. Lavender can enhance melatonin production in your body. Melatonin, also known as the dark hormone, is a type of hormone that is generated when you are sleeping in a dark room. The lavender smell can make you feel drowsy and sleepy, which is a good remedy for those who frequently have an insomnia problem.

Reduce Short Term Memory Loss

Flowers not only can make senior citizens happy but they can also reduce short term memory loss. According to a Rutgers study, the smell of the flower is linked to nice memories that exercise the part of the brain that stores memories. The nice smell can persuade you to be in a pleasant mood, making you more alert, and remembering what you want to do. Students can put the fresh cut flower on their desks to improve their cognitive performance and score better in their exams. Some of the plants that can improve memory are chrysanthemum, orchid, and dieffenbachia.

Improve Blood Pressure

In addition, the flower can also improve the blood flow to reduce the blood pressure level. This is backed by a study conducted in 2008 that involved 30 middle-aged men. During the study, the lavender essential oil is added to an infuser and the participants inhale the lavender aroma smell for 30 minutes. At the end of the study, they found out that the group that uses lavender has lower cortisol and higher CFVR. Other flowers that can reduce blood pressure are Hibiscus Sabdariffa, mistletoe, and fuchsia.

Help Patient to Recover Faster

Flower can help patients in the hospital to recover faster. There is a study on 90 patients that are suffering from a hemorrhoidectomy. The study discovers that patients who stay in rooms that have flowers seem to be more positive and recover faster. The test result shows that patients have lower systolic blood pressure, pain, and anxiety. They are also happier with the room they are placed in. They feel more satisfied with the higher level of care which contributes to the recovery rate. Subconsciously, the patient will stop minding about the pain due to the higher care level, which can lead to faster recovery from the physical pain.

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