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7 Continents of the World:Our planet, Earth is the only planet having life in the solar system. It does not have only“life” but also a widespread biodiversity. At first life at Earth starts in water. At that time our planet was a fireball, which did not have any solid ingredients. Gradually, by radiatingheat our Earth becomes cool, and the solid matters started forming. Later on, a large land masses formed. It started taking place slowly and took millions of years. Today we will be discussing 7 Continents of the World, andmany interesting facts about them.

The Great Panzea- First Super Continents

At that time, there was no life but only one continent, it better can be called super continent- The Great Panzea.We are talking about something that happenedabout 450 million years ago. The sign of life started popping up for the first time as the average temperature decreased and ocean formed. There were one continent and one ocean.

7 Continents of the world: What to Know

Then like everything, suddenly the whole continent split into some parts. Later on, after many ups and downs, the map of today’s world has come to existence. Now our world has seven (7) continents. We are going to discuss in brief about these 7 continents of the Earth.

How Panzea split

7 continents of the world are Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America and Antartica. Here, Asia is the largest and Australia is the smallest continentof the world.

Interesting Video on 7 continents in the world

Eurasia- Asia and Europe

Asia and Europe combinedly are called Eurasia. There is no specific division between these two continents. Turkey is the only country that is considered as the Asian country but has included in the European Union! Russia is the another country that has maximum land in the Asia while having its capital, Moscow in the Europe.

7 Continents of the World
7 Continents of the World

Here we are providing a table of the continents with the areas-

[table id=16 /]

Continents are formed due to mass tectonic movement. Still, small movements are taking around our planet.

Asia, the largest continent of the world

Asia is the biggest continent regarding the land area and population both. China and India are the two most populous countries. Japan, which is considered as the “God of electronics, ” is also on this continent. Asia is historically rich enough that you can’t cover in your whole lifetime.

Area of the Asia

It starts from the Eurasian border. Covering the whole Middle East, it ends near Bering Strait. The area is43,820,000 square kilometres. It covers 30% of the land in the world. It is situated in the northern and eastern hemispheres. On the east side of Asia, there is the Pacific Ocean; the Indian Oceanis on the south and the Arctic Ocean to the north.

Asia’s Largest country : Russia is the largest (by area), and China is the largest (by population) country in Asia.

Asia’s smallest country:Maldives, the country of turquoise water covers only1491.4 km is the smallest in Asia.

Asia’s Largest Lake: The Caspian Sea is the largest lake while Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake in Asia.

Asia’s Largest Desert: The Arabian Desert is the largest desert in Asia.

Asia’s longest bridge (River):Dhola Sadiya Bridge over the Brahmaputra.

Asia’s largest forest:India’s Western Ghat is the largest unbroken forest in Asia.

Asia’s longest river:Yangtze, in China is the Asia’s largest and third largest river in the world.

Himalaya: Himalayan Range is the World’s largest mountain range. The Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world lies here (Nepal). This large mountain range covers five countries- India, China (Tibet), Bhutan, Nepal and Pakistan. It’s the source of several famous rivers like Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra, etc. of the subcontinent.

Asia map, the largest continent in the world

The population of the Asia

4,164,252,000 which covers around 60% population of our world. China is the largest country (by population) while Japan is the densely populated country of Asia. Tokyo is the city with the highest population in per square kilometre.

Countries in Asian Continent

There are 54 countries in this continent (it’s an integral part of the 7 continents of the world). Take a look here in below-

Alphabetical list of countries in Asia

[table id=17 /]

Africa, the Second Largest Continent of the World

Pictures of African lions and Elephant reflects on our mind when we think about Africa! Once upon a time, it was called the Dark Continent because maximum places were unexplored at that time. But now people go for the tour in Egypt and South Africa.

Area of the Africa

Africa is the second largest continent spread over 30.22 million square kilometres. It comprises around 20.4% of our Earth’s land surface.The Mediterranean Sea to the north of this continent. On the north-eastSuez, Canal and the Red Sea are there. One of the famous islands of this continent isMadagascar. The Indian Ocean is on the East side while Atlantic is on the west. It is one of the most iconic among the7 Continents of the World.


Population of the Africa

According to the latest census of 2013, more than 1.1 billion people stay in this continent. It means more than 15% of the total human population!

Why Africa is called the dark continent?:Till 19th century, Africa was under European control. It was hardly mapped and explored out. Maximum things about this continent were unknown. Here “Unawareness” is referred as the “dark”. That’s why it was called the dark continent.

Sahara Desert: Sahara is the biggest hot desert in the world. It is counted as the third largest desert after Antartica and Arctic. It covers thelarge parts of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan and Tunisia. The area of the great desert is about 11 million square kilometres.

What is Madagascar?:Madagascar is known as the “Republic of Madagascar”. It’s an island country in the Indian Ocean. It got split from the Indian peninsula around 90 million years ago. Madagascar is famous for its biodiversity. There are many wildlife (tree and animals) which are about to be extinct.

Alien Trees of Madagaskar

Just imagine!! How much adventurous it would have been, if you were there. This picture is real. The trees are called invert trees sometimes. It looks like that the roots are upward.

Africa’s largest country: Algeria isthe largest country in Africa (by area), and Nigeria is the largest (by population).

Africa’s smallest country:Seychellesis the smallest country in Africa. It covers 455 square km only.

Africa’s Largest Lake: Lake Victoria With a surface area of 68,800 square km is the largest lake in Africa.

Africa’s Largest Desert: The great Sahara is the largest desert in Africa.

Africa’s longest bridge (River):The Main Land Bridge that connects Lagos Island to the mainland is the largest in Africa.

Africa’s largest forest:The Congo Basin is Africa’s largest contiguous forest and even counted among the top five largest rain forest in the world.

Africa’s longest river: Nile River, which measures 4,184 kilometres in length, is the largest river in Africa.

Countries of African continent

Here is the list of the African countries (alphabetic order).

[table id=19 /]

Europe,peninsula of peninsulas

We all know the name for its cultural importance. Since Socrates and Pluto to modern day, it has been the centre of importance worldwide. Once countries of this continent ruled the whole world. Maximum countries of Asia, Africa and South America were under the rules of British, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. Europe is one of the prime names in this list of 7 continents of the world.

Area of the European continent

Let’s talk about the area of this advanced continent. Europe is the second smallest continent in the world. It covers about 10,180,000 square kilometres which are about 2% od the surface area of the Earth. The Arctic Ocean is the last boundary in the North, Atlantic in the West andMediterranean Sea to the south.Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways of the Turkish Straits divides Europe from Asia. Europe and Asia os called Eurasia together.

europe continent map

Population of the Europe

Europe is the third-most populous continent of the world. It comes after Asia and Africa in terms of population. It’s about739–743million which is roughly 11% of the world population.

Europe’s largest country: Russia is the largest country in Europe by area and population both. It covers more than39% of this continent and surprisingly comprising 15% of its total population. Have a look at the image below and you will understand the rest.

Russia and Europe

Europe’s smallest country: Vatican City is the smallest country on this continent. It covers only 0.44 square km! It’s the smallest in the world too. The population of this country is 254. This country os completely encircled by the Rome, Itlay.

smallest country of the world

Why Europe is called peninsula of peninsulas:Europe is situated at the Western end of the Eurasian landmass. On the map, it looks like a great giant peninsula. Inside Europe, there are some other Peninsula like the Iberian peninsula, Scandinavian Peninsula, Balkan Peninsula and Italian Peninsula; That’s why Europe is called Peninsula of Peninsulas.

Europe’s Largest Lake: Lake Vnern (Sweden) With a surface area of 5,655 sq km is the largest lake in Europe.

Europe’s Largest Desert: The Accona Desert is in Italy is the largest desert in Europe. It’s dome-shaped.

Europe’s longest bridge (River): The Vasco da Gama Bridgethat connects two cities in Portugal is the largest bridge of Europe.

Europe’s largest forest:The Białowieża Forest is Europe’s largestunbroken forest and is counted among the top dense forests in the world.

Europe’s longest river:The Volga, which stretched3,692 kilometres, is the longest river in the Europe.

Countries of the European Continent

Here is the alphabetic list of the European countries-

[table id=20 /]

North America, The New World

Columbus was the first man who unveiled the new world, the America! Before those many European sailors have reached in the Bahamas but wrongly tagged the island as Indian Islands. They did not know that they have discovered something new, a whole new continent. North America is also called the Northern continent as the whole continent is in Northern hemisphere.

Area of the North America

The area of this continent is about24.71millionkm which counts around 16.5% of thetotal land surface of our Earth. North America is the third largest continent by area. On the West, the Pacific Ocean while on the opposite (East) the Atlantic Ocean covers the continent from being attached to another continent. On South, Panama Canal divides it from the South America.

North America continent mapPopulation of the North America

According to the latest census, the population of this continent is 565 million. It indicates that 7.5% of total world population live here. Population density is 22.9/square km. In the North of this continent, there is hardly any habitat zone for humans. By population, North America is the fourth largest continent among the 7 Continents of the World after Asia, Africa and Europe.

North America’s largest country: Canada is the largest country in this continent. It spreads over 3,855,103 square miles.

North America’s smallest country:Kitts and Nevis are the two island nations in the Carribean Sea.

Why North America is called theland of prairies:In the middle of this continent, a large area is covered with grasses and all wild flowers of different colours. In the French language, this is called prairies. Now, this area is famous for wheat production in the world.


Why North America is called the new world:Before Columbus, very few sailors managed to reach North America, till then no one in the world know about this new continent. That’s why for others in the known world, North America is the new world.

North America’s Largest Lake:Lake Superior that covers31,700 sq mi (82,103 km2) is the largest lake in North America! It does not contain saline water.

Lake superior

North America’s Largest Desert: The Great Basin Desert is the largest desert inthe North America. It comprises three different deserts.

  • The Chihuahuan Desert
  • The Sonoran Desert
  • The Mojave Desert

North America’s longest bridge (River): Lake Pontchartrain Causeway across Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana is the longest bridge and also the longest suspension bridge over water in the world.

largest bridge

North America’s largest forest: Tongass National Forestis the largest unbroken forest with a cover of16,576,303 acres in Alaska.

North America’s longest river: Mississippi/Missouri river system combination at (6,236 km) in length is the longest river in this continent.

Countries in North American Continent

There are 23 officially recognised countries in this continent. They are given below-

[table id=21 /]

South America,land of superlatives

South America is famous as Latin America. Sometimes it’s considered as a subcontinent of “Greater America”. It’s situated in the western hemisphere and mostly in the South hemisphere. South America aka Latin America is the most beautiful among the 7 continents of the world.

South America’s Area & Boundaries

It’s the fourth largest continent in our world by area. The ground coverage of this continent 17,840,000 square kilometres. The Pacific Ocean lies to the West, and the Atlantic Ocean lies to the East while theCaribbean Sea lies to the north-west. It’s separated from the North America by the Panama Canal.

South America

Population of the South America (Latin America) Continent

According to the latest census,387.5million people live in this continent. It comes at the fifth position by population. Brazil is the most populous country in this continent (half population of the continent).

Why South America is called Latin America?:The answer os not that simple we thought. Latin America is referred to those areas where Spanish and Portuguese language prevails. “Latin” is referred the cultural affinity towards Roman culture.

Why South America is called hollow continent?:South America does not have many rivers while it has many caves and underground channels of rivers. That’s why it’s called the hollow continent. For an example, Mexico does not have a single lake in its boundary while it has one of the largest underground river channel networks.

Why South America is called the land of superlatives?:There are several reasons behind this. Look at the points why it’s called so-

  • The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world.
  • The Amazon is the largest river by the amount of water discharge is here.
    The highest lake in the world which is Titicaca is on this continent.
  • The Andes, the longest mountain range is on this continent.
  • World’s driest desert, Atacama desert is here.
  • Angel Falls, which is the tallest water, falls in the world is situated here.

World's highest water falls

South America’s largest country: Brazil with a span of 8.516millionkm.

Smallest country of South America:Suriname is the smallest country. Before 1975 it was a colony of Britain.

South America’s longest river: Amazon (6,992km)

South America’s largest lake:Lake Maracaibo. It’s thehighest navigable lake in the world. The elevation of this lake is about3,812 metres.

South America’s longest bridge:Libertador General San Martn Bridge is the longest bridge of this continent. It’s situated between Uruguay and Argentina.

Countries in South American Continent

There are twelve countries in this continent. Three dependent territories are also here-

[table id=22 /]

Antartica, the world of Snow

There is no habitat. In a line, it’s thecoldest, driest, and windiest continent of the world. Even the average height of the places of this continent is the highest in the world. The whole landmass is covered with 1.2 km thick ice.The temperature in Antarctica continent reached −89.2C. But the average is −63C till now.

Some countries have signed the treaty that there will be no military settlement in the Antartica. People from many countries have settled for research purpose.

Area of the Antartica

The land area of this continent is about14millionkm which rests under thick ice coverings all time. Without Penguin and polar bear, there is hardly any animal is seen.

Facts and Information on Antartica Continent

  • Antartica is the largest desert in the world.
  • The highest temperature ever recorded in this continent is 14.5-degree centigrade.
  • 90% of the freshwater reserve of the world is in Antartica.
  • There are some parts of this continent which have had no rain and snow for last 2 million years.
  • No reptile lives here.
  • If you are a researcher, you can’t work in this continent until and unless you removeyour wisdom teeth and appendix.
  • Chile has a complete civilian town on this continent. Surprisingly it has school, hospital, mobile phone coverage, post office, etc.
  • This continent has no time zone like the other parties in this list of 7 Continents of the World.
  • There are seven Christian churches in this continent.
  • There is no ant in this continent. Otherwise, you can find this animal everywhere in this world.
  • There is a waterfall in this continent, but surprisingly it runs red as blood.

# For your knowledge: Polar bear does not live in the Antartica. You can find this animal only in the Arctic.


This is a simple effort to ease out the problems of students of primary schools and homeschools. We have accumulated all the important information about the seven continents of the world. Keep us informed if you have not found anything regarding the 7 Continents of the World here. We will get in touch with you soon.

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