6 Strong Reasons You Need A Next-Gen Security Device for Vehicles & Passengers

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A vehicle security system or a dash cam is becoming increasingly popular owing to the number of cases that we come across every day. Be it the chauffeur using the vehicle for private use or a teenager driving rash, a next-gen security device helps monitor all and keeps you in constant touch with the car. A vehicle security system is typically mounted on the dashboard of the car and offers live video streaming, audio/video recording, location tracking and more.

Presently, dash cams or vehicle security systems are used all around the world by taxi service providers, driving instructors, police officers and most importantly by those with chauffeur driven cars. So, if you already don’t own one, here are six strong reasons why you need one to ensure the safety and security of vehicle and passengers.

You Can Track Mishandling of Vehicle

This is by far the most vital reason why many car owners invest in a vehicle security system. Once you are out of the vehicle, you really don’t know what the chauffeur does. Do you? From sleeping in the car with the air conditioner on to rash driving and over speeding while on their way back home, car drivers do it all. These are some of the common issues that car owners face and often don’t find a solution. However, with a security device, such instances will become a thing of the past.

Next-Gen Security Device for Vehicles & Passengers

You Can Ensure Your Teenager’s Safety

Has your teenager just started to drive on their own and you are worried about their safety? You can easily ensure their safety through a dash cam cum GPS tracking device. New age security devices send an automatic alert when they sense over speeding while the cloud data storage lets you go through the recording anytime and anywhere you want. High noise level alert and power plug out alert are other features that ensure safety.

You Can Stop the Driver from Ferrying Unknown Passengers

Chauffeurs often ferry unknown passengers to make quick money. Such an act not just compromises on the safety of the vehicle but the cleanliness as well. Utilizing the features of next-gen security devices such as playback of the route travelled by car along with video playback and real-time GPS location tracking, you can easily avoid the misuse of your car.

Make Use of the Face-Recognition Technology

Face-recognition technology will come handy for both teenage and chauffeur-driven cars. With a next-gen device set up in your car, you not only can track the real-time location but can also identify all the occupants through the face-recognition technology that such devices offer. So, if there is any new person that sits on the driver seat to drive the car, the device will instantly send an alert.

Keep an Eye on Your Wife and Little One’s Safety

You might have a chauffeur appointed for your wife and kids to drop them and pick up from work and school. By setting up a place of interest alert, you will receive an alert when your kid or any woman in the family reaches and exits the set location. For example, if you have set your kid’s school as the place of interest, you will get an alert on the application of the vehicle security system about the drop. The same will happen when your wife or any other woman in the house is dropped to a set location.

Make Use of the Plethora of Useful Features and Functions

It is common to use only a handful of features and forget about others. Well, when it’s about the safety of your family, you shouldn’t miss out on using any feature. From offering access to the device to up to 10 family members to conversing with the driver through the app, you should do it all.

When It Comes to Security, Take No Chances!

Rightly said, the security of your family and loved ones is in your hands. However, you must be wondering if all the features mentioned above can be available in one device? Well, now it is! Invest in a security device from any of the brands like KENT. With features like engine idling alert, over speeding alert, device blackout and plug out alert, KENT CamEye ensures 100% safety of your loved ones and even the car. Not just this, KENT CamEye offers 90 days data back-up, battery back-up of around 24 hours and can be easily installed without any professional’s involvement. You can book a free demo of the device and buy it directly from Amazon.

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