6 reasons that families prefer Labradors

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6 reasons that families prefer Labradors: There are many breeds out there in dogs but when you hear about Labradors they are unique. They are like the babies in the cradles and you nurture them with all your love and affection. If you really want to own a Labrador then you make sure you keep him with love and affection. This includes proper care and grooming, regular visits to the vet, and a reliable pet insurance plan. You cannot have a good life with this breed unless you are compassionate or loving. After all, these beautiful furry friends need only you and you are the world to them.

There are many reasons that families go for Labradors and once you go through these reasons, you yourself would be tempted to have one. After all, the charisma of these buddies is really hypnotizing and impressive. You would certainly have a great time in their company. Have a look at 6 reasons that families prefer Labradors:

  1. They are curdling

No matter how was your day in the office or how rough your weeks going; the moment you hug your furry Labrador, all your exhaustion disappears. You cannot deny the fact that these fellows are full of life and rejuvenation. They never hesitate to give you a cordial hug back. The moment you wrap your arms around them; you get that happiness that is matchless. No matter what the size of your lab is, their curdling can make you feel uplifted and upbeat. No matter how negative you are feeling right now, the moment you hug your baby, you would get some sort of positivity.


  1. Unconditional Cuteness

If you want to experience unconditional cuteness then you should go for this breed. Labradors are absolutely beautiful, expressive and really good at winning hearts. They give such cute expressions that you would never feel dull or weary in their presence. Their cuteness can give you great experience. Even if they are walking, playing, sitting or even sleeping; they have plenty of changing expressions on their face that is adorable. The moment you visit home after office or a tour; you can find a million dollar smile on your lab. Maybe your face brightens up when you smile but when these labs smile; their entire body smiles. You feel energetic and happy when you see your cute furry fellow wagging his tail exclusively for you. Their eyes tell a story that only you can comprehend.  Even when they do some mischief, they give that look that apparently melts your heart. Remember that look when your beloved labrador chew all the sleepers and at the time of punishment; he looks up at you with those water-filled big eyes? Ah, what a cute sight it is!

  1. They don’t mind

If you think that your lab would mind if you dress him up in specific attire then you are wrong. If you already have Labrador puppies at home; you know what exactly it means to have a model in hand to try different dresses on.  If you want that your pet wears different types of outfit and clothes; you can fulfill these desires right away with Labrador. They hardly interrupt when you dress them up. They are so fond of you that they don’t feel uneasy or angry when you touch them to drape them in an outfit.  Be it stockings, cap or even a coat; go ahead and try them all out on your lab. If you have another dog breed, they might groan but this is not the case with labs.

  1. Loyal beings

If you are looking for loyalty then you can find it in your Labrador. This breed is loyal to their owners and people whom they love until the last breath. If you are in danger, no matter what it takes; they would stand by your side.   Maybe you are alone and broken and you don’t have food to eat or place to live, but when you have a Labrador with you; it would take the steps with you. He doesn’t care you are rich or poor; you are dark or fair; female or male; all he knows is that he loves you and he is there for you. You know even the people with special needs like visually challenged fellows take the assistance of guide dogs Care like Labrador.

  1. Intelligent and smart

If you think that your furry teddy bear lab is just a cute creature then you are mistaken. There is intelligence hidden behind the cuteness. You can find every trait related to intelligence in them. These Labradors are really intelligent. If you train them, they catch up things really quick and hardly forget. Of course, it would be good if you train your lab quite early in his life because as their age rises, their capacity to learn lessons but not much. Anyhow, the point is that you can train your Labrador in a way that you want him to be. If your beloved pooch is really understanding and helpful; you have made him so. It is all about how you train it.

  1. A Perfect friend for Kids

If you have only one child and you feel that your child feels lonely and really dull then it is time to introduce him to a furry Labrador. Bring a lab home and the things would unroll in a beautiful manner. Labs are really bubbly, cheery, caring and understanding.  Your child can easily relate with the lab and it would be a win-win situation for both your child and you.  Be a child, boy, girl or even a kid with the special need; these labs can be of great assistance.  Your child can channelize his or her energy with these labs.  These love to play with kids and are quite jolly by nature. If your child is sad, these labs sense it right away and do foolish things to make the people comforted and consoled. If you think that those twinkling eyes are just sitting and observing; you are wrong. These are thinking about the ways to keep their loved ones happy and in good mood. Leave your child with a lab and you would find a positive outcome.


Thus, you should look for a golden retriever Dog. These labs are really bliss to have. You might have to take care of them just like your child but they are always a treat for the owners.

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