6 People Who Got Extremely Rich by Playing Slots

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Who Got Extremely Rich by Playing Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are among the most popular games in the online casino industry because of the potentially life-changing wins they come with. The win amounts are so big that you can afford to even ignore something as relevant and practical as a lower RTP value compared to what other regular slots offer.

Progressive jackpot games from industry giants such as Microgaming and NetEnt have altered more than just a few people’s lives. We have checked out some of the hottest and biggest wins in the industry in the past decade and hope to inspire you to try your luck the next time you login to an online casino that offers jackpot slots.

King of the millionaire makers, Mega Moolah

One thing stands out in all the stories that you read below: to win millions you need to be pressing the button on progressive slots, otherwise, you are playing for peanuts. Of course, you will have fun and score wins too, but it will never be at the level that the players below managed to achieve.

Top 6 Players Who Struck It Rich with Progressive Slots

Who Got Extremely Rich by Playing Slots

  1. The Biggest Mobile Jackpot Win of £8.81 Million on Mega Moolah in August, 2016

With the availability of progressive jackpots on mobile devices, it was only a matter of time before someone hit a jackpot out of the park from their smartphone. On 28th August, 2016, a player who went by the moniker D.P. did just that: he hit a massive £8,810,094 win on the legendary Mega Moolah from Microgaming. This was the biggest ever progressive jackpot win on a mobile device at that time.

Commenting on the win at a mobile casino, Microgaming’s John Quinn said this massive win didn’t come as a surprise given that mobile gaming accounted for more than half of gameplay at the time. D.P. hit the jackpot while playing Mega Moolah at Zodiac casino. And the bet amount? Just £1!

  1. Marcus Strikes it Rich with a £9.46 Million Win on Mega Moolah in November, 2016

In fifth position stands Marcus Goodwin, a player from Canada. His was a cool win, and it happened one bonfire evening when he logged in to his Yako casino account and opted to play, you guessed right, Mega Moolah!

He definitely had nothing to complain about because he played with a nominal bet and ended up with a jackpot payout of £9,463,840! It would of course be life-changing: a nice and big home, a vacation cottage, and a first-class trip to Africa for the entire family are not things he would have thought of doing otherwise.

Who Got Extremely Rich by Playing Slots

  1. The Anonymous Player with the £9.84 Million Jackpot on Mega Fortune in September 2011

Sometimes you do things on a whim and the outcome can be so massive as to change your world forever. That is exactly the story of the Norwegian player and his massive win of £9,843,777 on Mega Fortune in September 2011.

He or she can buy nearly everything is the picture above

This anonymous player, a Norwegian student, would normally play the sportsbook at Betsson casino. That evening he saw the massive progressive jackpot on Mega Fortune and decided to play it, on a whim. It was a proper Norwegian fairy tale – the player won a few pounds initially with the 10 free spins he got. And then, out came the screws as he hit the massive jackpot, all off a 50p wager!

  1. The Soldier Who Got His Due: Jon Heywood’s £13.08 Million Win on Mega Moolah in October 2015

Each story behind a multi-million-pound progressive jackpot win seems like a fairy tale, bringing with it happiness and the possibility to do things that otherwise may have seemed slightly uphill. This is true about Jon Heywood as well.

Heywood was 26 years old and a serving soldier in the British army when, on 6th October, 2015, he played the Mega Moolah slot at Betway casino with a 25p wager. The result was surreal to the point of being unbelievable: he ended up with a win of more than £13.01 million – €17,879,645.12, in fact!

While he did make the headlines after hitting the jackpot, he didn’t talk about it to anyone for 3 whole days. Moreover, the money came at the right time too, as his father was awaiting a heart and lung transplant.

Who Got Extremely Rich by Playing Slots

  1. The Anonymous Finn Who Won £14.62 on Mega Fortune in January 2013

At number 2 is an anonymous player – from Finland – who hit the second biggest progressive jackpot of all time: a £14,621,365 win on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune on 23rd January, 2013.

The player scored the win while playing Mega Fortune at Paf casino. This was the second multi-million-pound win at Paf casino at that time: it had paid out a check of over £7 million in 2012, on the NetEnt jackpot Arabian Nights.

  1. World Record Win of £16.70 Million on Mega Moolah in October 2018

The current world record jackpot payout happened in October 2018 when an anonymous player at Grand Mondial casino played Mega Moolah with a 75p wager and ended up winning £16,702,024.

The fantastic thing about this win was that the player scored the win in less than 50 spins.

Two things are common to each of the stories above: all the wins have come off nominal bets, anywhere between 25p and £1, and they are all off 2 slots from 2 of the biggest online casino software vendors in the industry – Microgaming and NetEnt. That speaks volumes about the reputation and bandwidth that these vendors operate on.

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