6 Patiala Suit Designs That Will Captivate Every Diva Out There!

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Patiala Suit Designs

Patiala salwar suits also known as pattian walee salwar originated from the city Patiala. In Punjab, they were signified as a royal outfit. The resemble Pathani with an easy breezy bottom worn with a knee-length kameez. But the bottom used in Patiala has more pleats than pathani.

Here we bring a hand-picked selection of Patiala salwar suits that are hot trends this season.

The oceanic blue green Patiala suit

The sky blue and ocean green shades create a soothing experience. Get yourself a suit in this color to feel the charm. Get the sleeves of kurti done with contrast borders to create a magnificent effect. Even the dupatta can have mirror work for elegance. Make sure to get the length of the kameez till the mid thighs. The two contrasting shades will make you talk of the town in summer season with easy breezy feel.

The geometric print suit

Geometric prints are in trend. A Patiala suit in such prints will set you apart from others! Get yourself a vibrant kameez with checkered patterns and square pattern at the neck. Deck up the sleeves with narrow red colored or contrasting borders. Get the Patiala salwar stitched in bicolor shades. You can add contrast at the hem of the salwar. A contrasting dupatta will add to the beauty of this suit.

Traditional blue and pink Patiala salwar suit

Patiala suits in the blue and pink fabric are the traditional one. Women still prefer to wear it. Choose a fabric with embroidery work to stitch the kameez. Sleeves and necklines can be designed the way you like from short sleeves to long and even quarter. The length could be till the knee. Get pink fabric for salwar and dupatta. This will bring out the traditional essence in the most beautiful way!

Patiala salwar with denim kurtis

Denim fabric is the hottest trend. Dresses, shirts even ethnic kameez has gone viral in this fabric! How Patiala could be untouched! Get a knee-length denim kurti and wear it with a dark colored Patiala salwar. This is not only unique but will make people appreciate your dressing sense even more.

A bit of accessorizing and you will be ready to claim the fashion world!

Plain kameez and embroidered salwar

For a suave and elegant look, opt for a plain kameez. Wear it with an embroidered Patiala salwar for a refreshing look. You can choose colors as per your needs or likes. Pink with purple, green with yellow, red with black, blue with pink or purple and so on.

Monochrome Patiala suit

Monochrome is never out of trend. From western dresses to Indian dresses, the elegance of black and white always finds a mention. Give your Patiala dressing an elegant makeover in black and white color combination. Get the sleeves and the hem of the salwar mix and match with contrasting borders. Even you can add a stripe studded with buttons in contrasting shade, for example, black stripe for white kurti and white stripe for black kurti.

Get these Patiala suits stitched in advance to pull off a sheer Punjabi fashion.

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