6 Important Strategies to Use When Building your Public Speaking Skills

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Speaking Skills

How Building your Public Speaking Skills: Are you interested in public speaking? If yes, then it might interest you to know that public speaking is a skill and an art that must be practiced before you can become an amazing public speaker.

To help you build on your passion fast and easy, this post gives you 6 important strategies that you can use to build and grow your public speaking skills. Read on to find out how you can become the public speaker that millions across the continent will admire.

Be aware of your audience – The major reason why people are always scared of speaking in public, is because they do not know exactly who their audience is. Before standing on that podium and speaking, make sure you understand who your audience is. If you will be speaking to kids, you must be aware of the kind of language you use, or even jargon, as opposed to when you are doing a career talk.

Dress the part – this may sound impractical but the truth is, dressing up boosts your confidence. When you have an audience to speak to, wow your audience with your looks. According to public speaking gurus like Jason Guck, good first impressions will be a big boost in your public speaking career.

Speaking Skills

Plan your speech – a good public speaker should plan and rehearse his or her speech before presenting it to the audience. This will help you plan and check your speech delivery patterns. If possible, outline your speech into short and simple pointers that will guide you in your delivery (if at all you cannot draft the entire speech).

Watch your nonverbal communication skills experts say that non-verbal say a lot about us even when we are unaware of them. So, things like keeping eye contact are very important during public speaking. This kind of nonverbal skill keeps you connected to your audience throughout your entire speech.

However, some nonverbal skills like facial expressions might make or break your speech delivery. This is because, at the end of the day, facial expressions portray the emotions that someone is feeling. When you are angry or irritated, your crowd will see exactly that; something that might leave them disengaged from your speech.

Remember to breathe – it is okay to feel overwhelmed; it is also totally okay to feel overawed. However, you should not let that ruin the amazing speech that you have been planning to give. Take a deep breath, and as you deliver the speech, remember to also breathe in between. When enough oxygen is sent to the brain, it calms you down and improves your speech delivery.

Get enough rest – before addressing an audience, make sure that you get enough rest the previous night. A good night rest is the best gift you can give yourself before you speak before an audience. When you get enough sleep, you will wake up feeling rejuvenated, powerful and full of energy; ready to conquer the world.

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