In today’s busy schedule, life coaching has become an important platform to have varied kind of therapies to maintain mental and physical wellness. Now, people are widely moving towards life coaching to heal various problems.

Thanks to the dedication of certified professional coaches all across the world who all made this life coaching so recognizing among the general public.

This is a profession that was not once recognized, but it is now widely known amid many individuals and corporations.

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So what does Life Coaching mean?

Life Coaching can be expressed as the relationship between a client and the life coach where specific skills help the client to achieve the desired result.

This profession is controlled by the International Coach Federation (ICF), under which coaches can maintain the professional standards, knowledge and other significant things for their practices.

The ICF only sets the standard for any life coaching organization under which a coaching become Accredited Coach Training Programs (ACTPs).

Having a proper certification through ACTP provides you a strong foundation for skills on which one can easily build a career and profession as a certified life coach.

ICF has created the vast and genuine network of certified coaches by providing independent and standard verification. It provides standard practices and tools to have perfect credibility with your client.

So, how can you become a Certified Life Coach with ICF program? Here, I have expressed six points for you. So, let’s see:

1. Look for the certification where you can meet your specific needs

There are more than 150 ICF coaches training programs in the world. The ICF Accreditation are globally followed as there are no specific guidelines as for a state or specific region.

As per the ICF accreditation guidelines, every coach training programs must be able to offer:

  • Skills training for at least 125 hours
  • Ethnic training code and competency
  • Perfect observation via experienced coach while training clients
  • At least six observed life coaching sessions under qualified coaches
  • A comprehensive final exam after training
  • Credentials by ICF trainers

Hence, while looking for life coaching training online or offline, there are many factors that you will have to consider so that you can have the best program as per your specific needs.

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2. Mode of program delivery and its duration

There are many ways to deliver the program with a specific duration of time. These are:

  • Face-to-face training

Some training programs are offered as the traditional face to face learning with no chances of distant learning.

This is perfect for some coach trainees if the location is easily accessible to them.

This is also perfect for those clients who are looking for the nearest location to their residence.

  • Mixed delivery as face to face and distance learning

Some people like to have the face to face training program while there are also some people who prefer distance learning.

There are different distant learning channels such as phone or video conferencing.

Nowadays, you can find many life coaching sessions that offer life coach training online.

So, you can find these kinds of the training center that offers for an offline and online training program.

  • Online learning only

You can find many ICF accredited coach training programs that offer online learning through video conferencing.

Many people are now moving towards this mode of a program as they don’t need to move anywhere to have life session training.

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3. Look for philosophy and specialization

Once you have decided the program as per your philosophy and specialization, its’ become simple to choose the training program that you need.

Each life coach certification has their importance in their specific area, so you need to determine that whether you need to have corporate training, spiritual training, health training or anything else.

Many options are available with ICF programs so that you can choose as per your interest.

4. Cost for training program

Different training provider centers have different cost, so you need to look for the overall charges that you need pay.

Compare the prices for different training centers with specific plan and duration so that you can have the best life coach training online or offline.

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5. Contact and clear your every doubt

If you have prepared the list of the training center, you should further call on their number so that you can clear everything with them.

This will help you to find the perfect life coach training center as per your training needs.

6. Make enrollment to complete the certification program

After finalizing everything, just have the training and get certification to become a certified life coach.

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These are the ways by following which you can become a certified life coach.

If you are looking for more such information, you can visit many online sites that offer all kind of training programs for life coach.

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