570 Crore INR Seized From 3 Container Truck in Tamil Nadu

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The 3 container truck seized in Tirupur district in Tamil Nadu, which contained 570 crore INR came under preliminary enquiry directed by Madras High Court on Monday. It asked CBI to conduct strict search expeditions and rule out whether it had committed a cognizable offence or not.

On May 16, 2016, during the assembly elections in the State, complaint got registered by DMK MP  T K S Elangovan, who alleged that irregular measures apprehended by few political bodies during the elections. After seeking into matter, Justice R Subbaiah took it in hands, thus ordering CBI to execute extensive search program regarding the money laundering case. The issue was taken into consideration on June 29, 2016, on reserved orders on PIL after hearing arguments from the petitioner and the counsel for CBI.

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The entire matter comes as the truck delivering 570 crores INR to an unnamed recipient got stuck in the midst of nowhere. The cash bore the objectional identity and registration numbers with a seal of Axis Bank on all the cash bundles. But SBI took the claim on its side which was sheerly made up.

DMK MP allegedly complained that the entire story got created with false documents, bogus numbers, etc. He immediately registered a case under Section 154 of CrPC convincing the court that it was foremost CBI’s duty to take the case in hands at the very first moment of allegation charges.

As per Prevention of Corruption Act, if the case attracts appropriate evidence then conducting a preliminary probe is a must. Even if it does not turn out to be a cognizable offence, then the team ought to inform the petitioner regarding the updates before closing it. Moreover, it turned out to be the same. CBI did not find any offence committed in the money laundering case thus clearing all doubts.

Perhaps, one of the sole reason for nil evidence was Reserve Bank of India’s cash flow processing. It informed that money transfer from one place to another was a regular movement for currency management function and also, it had directed SBI for the same on that very day. Henceforth, PIL registered by DMK MP in Madras High Court settled to open and shut case due to minimal or nil cognizable offence developed.

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