5-year-old battles E. coli after death of younger sister

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5-year-old battles E. coli

Last week saw a 5-year-old Minnesota boy battling with a strain of E. coli, the same infection that took his younger sister’s life prior to that earlier in the week. The investigation to find out the place of contraption of the deadly Shiga toxin-producing strain of bacteria is underway.

The two kids, named Kade Marsh and his younger sister Kallan, both have suffered from acute kidney failure. First few symptoms of their disease are vomiting that the infected seems to be unable to stop and bloody diarrhea. The kidney failure was revealed to the parents after quite a few trips to the Emergency Room.

The parents talk about the day their kids got the infection. The couple had taken their kids to a petting zoo and a Minnesota health official confirmed that the facility has been quarantined and all animals that the family came in contact with have been isolated. The official also made a note that the zoo could be just one of the places where the kids could have gotten the infection.

The death of the little girl was confirmed by the parents on the Caring Bridge post where they said that their little girl had lost the battle while Kade still fights on.

Officials at the Centers for Disease Control note that most of the strains of the bacteria E. coli are not harmful and some of them even play a role in the healthy digestion of the food in our digestive tract. He also noted that Kade and Kallan are suffering from a severe complication called hemolytic uremic syndrome in which the red blood cells are destroyed and the organ systems begin to fail because of the lack of supply of oxygen to them. There is also an association with thrombocytopenia, a low platelet count.

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