5 Top Tips for Getting Back into Shape Following an Injury

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Getting an injury is always a pain, literally and metaphorically speaking. Recovery is always hard and it’s great when you finally get the all-clear that it has healed. But what often then happens is that we find we have fallen into poor physical fitness and it’s very difficult to get back to where you were before the injury happening, especially if it’s been a lengthy lay-off.

See A Physio

Investing in seeing a good Physiotherapist is always a good idea to get some input to recovering fitness. They will have access to your medical records and give you any extra assistance you need as you start to exercise again. You can have them work with your Personal Trainer to evaluate and assess your work-out plan to best avoid re-injury.


Warm-Up & Stretch Before Exercise

A good and thorough warm-up is good advice for anyone exercising but especially so if you have suffered an injury recently or in the past. If you have a trainer or coach follow their advice as closely as you possibly can. But even if you are just on your own then it’s easy to get a range of warm-up routines and there are so many websites and fitness apps that can get you going, and, if possible try and find one that is sport-specific for what you are doing.

Make Sure Your Furniture is Suitable

You can do everything right and get your fitness schedule and exercise routines to be perfect and then cancel out a lot of your good work if you don’t have your home and office set up with suitable furniture to keep you in good physical health. The correct office chair can affect your posture as a bad chair will easily make strains and pain that is easily avoidable. Equally as important is comfort and support while you are sleeping and you can find the best mattress for back pain, for example, if this is an important aspect of what you need out of your bed.

Back Pain


Don’t Over-Do It

Don’t over-do it is great advice for everyone. Going too far and pushing yourself to the limit is something that sounds great as a motivational sound-bite. But in reality, if you push to the limit you are in danger of falling over the limit and then re-injuring yourself which costs you another long period of recovery and falling into a long period of inactivity and great loss of fitness again. There are plans and guidelines you can be told for various types of exercise but the best guide is you, as you will be able to tell when you are pushing it too far, listen to your body and rest when it asks you to.

Combine Exercise & Diet Control

Diet can also be key in aiding recovery as much as your exercise plan. These two work in conjunction and when you were initially making the medical recovery you could easily have fallen into bad habits during this period. Make sure you keep hydrated as often over-eating is, in fact, a reaction to thirst rather than hunger.

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