5 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Wedding Flowers

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Flowers are a significant part of your wedding and they must be carefully selected. This is because your reception, venue, and wedding album will look completely naked without flowers. There are lots of things that must be considered when choosing your wedding flowers.

When picking flowers for your big day, you are not just finding the prettiest of them all. Here are factors that you must consider in order to make the right decision.


Most brides will cite weddings as being the most unexpected expense. Therefore, you should research early to determine your budget allocation for flowers.

You should prioritize the wedding flowers to determine which ones are important, from bridesmaids’ bouquets, bridal bouquet, buttonholed, to venue dcor, and many more.

This is important because it will help your florist to know where he/she should focus most attention. Those on a limited budget should go for large flowers with fewer stems.

Wedding venue

Your venue will determine the type of flowers that you will choose. If you are having a church wedding, you should ensure that the venue doesn’t have a preferred florist.

You should know the space that you have and the floral decorations that will perfectly suit such a venue. A small wedding will look crimpy with too many flowers, but an outdoor space will perfectly accommodate them.

Wedding date

You should determine the Johannesburg wedding flowers that will be in season during your chosen wedding season.

You can cut costs with seasonal flowers because they will be in plenty during the period. Apart from being cheaper, they will also be more beautiful because it is their season.

Summer and spring weddings usually have more flower varieties to choose from.

Wedding theme and color scheme

Flowers will naturally add color to your big day. You should ensure that you choose flowers that perfectly match your color scheme.

If you want to experiment with contrasting colors, you must ensure that they are not distracting. Make sure that your flowers and your color scheme blend perfectly.

A good florist will assist you in choosing colors that will make your venue look amazing.

Dress style

Your florist will want to see your wedding dress before choosing a bridal bouquet. Knowing the type of style of your dress will help your wedding planner and florist to help you choose a bouquet that will complement it.

Your bridal bouquet is like an extension of your wedding dress design. This is why you must ensure that the two perfectly match each other.

It is important for the bride and groom to know the flower and arrangement options that they have. It is advisable for couples to browse all types of arrangements and settings, from centerpieces to bouquets.

You should know the different types of flowers used for wedding arrangements and determine how they would look in your preferred venue.

This will help you find several great options that you can bring to your florist. With the right florist on your side, you will have a beautiful wedding and great flower arrangements that you will love.

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