5 Tips for Efficient Large Format Printing

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To get the print perfect format on the promotional boards is quite a challenging task as even a little flaw can ruin the overall look.

The promotional boards play a significant role in uplifting any brand or launching an event, and for grabbing the eyeballs of the people, these boards are of great use.

The people hire the professionals for getting their business board designed stylishly to stand out from the clutter.

So, one cannot go in the astray direction while designing the boards.

There are five essential tips which lead the way to an efficient large format printing.

Let’s elaborate those factors for developing a better understanding, and these are:

  1. Get the Camera’s Setting Done Right

For converting a picture into a large format print, it would be great if you switch on to your camera’s setting for changing the set image size and the resolution.

It is advisable to click the raw pictures instead of the JPEG format for getting desirable outcomes.

  1. Do the Calculation

No matter whether the pictures appear onscreen, it is necessary to look them good in the printed version.

The picture with the large image size and high resolution will work best for the boards as at the time of enlarging, the pixel quality will not become poor and the picture will not be blurry.

Image source: www.printingoffice.net

  1. Say No to Photo Editor

Don’t use any image editing software for resizing the picture as it will degrade the quality. The resizing leads to pixilation which makes the picture to appear bad after printing.

  1. Use Vector Graphics

The JPG, JPEG and BMG formats comprise of pixels while the vector graphics contain paths.

We all know the fact that pixel quality becomes worse on enlarging the image and as a consequence, the blurred image will be received but with the vector graphics, it becomes simple to scale the image size with zero loss to the image clarity.

Image source: Pinterest

  1. Debug Automatically

No need to spend time for searching the flaws in the file format manually. It is a time to welcome automation and for that, you are required to invest money in a software that performs the above thing within a single click.

Here, I put an end to this session of the useful tips for an efficient large format printing!

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