Dealing with aging parents is part of life. The average life expectancy for an American adult is 78.5-years old. With age comes a lack of mobility and reduction in cognitive function. If your parents are entering the twilight of their life, here’s what you can do to make their transition more comfortable.

Increase Communication

If your parents live locally, then spend more time visiting them. Drop in once a week to say hello, and bring the family with you. Mobile devices have changed the way we communicate as a society, and there’s nothing stopping you from a few minutes of “Facetime” with your folks.

It’s common for seniors to experience vision and hearing problems at some stage, make sure you install a keyboard app to their phone that features large keys and a loud ringer.

Bring Them Home

If your folks have deteriorating physical and mental health, they may need to enter an assisted living program. Some families choose to bring their aging parents back to their home. In this case, it’s best to hire an occupational therapist to assess your home for risks.

Place anti-slip-mats under rugs and in the shower, as well as the bath. Install handrails that support them when they climb stairs and get out of the tub. You’ll need to build a ramp up the front stairs if either of your parents uses a wheelchair and remember to file down all sharp edges in your home to prevent accidents.

Leverage Medical Technology

The medical device industry outperforms big pharma in annual revenues from sales. Use the power of technology to keep your parents safe. Smartwatches monitor vital statistics and alert caregivers of any medical emergencies. Motion monitoring systems capture your folk’s movements in your home when you aren’t there, alerting you of any falls.

Find a Caregiver

Caring for your parents and your family requires you to earn an income. Hire a caregiver to look after your folks when you’re at work. HHA’s and CAN’s are trained professionals in senior healthcare. In some cases, your parents may be eligible for government-assisted programs conducted by Medicare or Medicaid. Visit The Department of Health website and research the regulations in your state.

Review Assisted Living Facilities

If your parents live in another state and you can’t take them into your home, consider enrolling them in an assisted living program at a care facility. Make sure you choose a home that encourages community and social engagement, seniors prosper when they have a supportive environment they can depend on for their care.

Drop in on the facility for a “surprise visit” after hours. This kind of visit will give insight into the operations of the facility and the behavior of its staff when they think no-one is watching.

Never Give Up on Your Parents

Your parents were there for you every step of the way when you were growing up. It’s time to repay them for the decades of time, money, and effort they spent raising you into the functioning adult you are today.

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