5 Things You Must Know Before Joining a Distance Learning Program

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You Must Know Before Joining a Distance Learning Program: As our world continues to change, our means of living and learning also change. And with the fast advancement of technology, traditional learning is now challenged by the now modern distance learning program.

Distance Learning Programs: Why Is It Popular?

Nowadays, distance learning program or online classes are all the rage and with several good reasons. Employersdemandan educated workforce. And in response to such demand, more and more people decide to online education in order to fit learning and school into their already busy life.

Moreover, the cost for higher education continuously rise and those who are unable or unwilling to take loads of student loan debts are forced to seek a safer, easier alternative.

5 Things You Should Now About Distance Learning Programs

However, if you think that taking a distance learning program is easy, then you are wrong. Taking an online course requires just as much effort as an on-campus course.

So, before you join a distance learning program, here are 5 important things you should know first:

1. Various DLP Programs

This is very important to understand. Although online degrees have become more popular and common, there are some which are more favored by others.

Remember that the major concern of employers is the consistency and quality of the school that issues your degree.

Distance Learning Program

As a matter of fact, the opinion of employers depends on 3 things: school brands, campus, and accreditation. Generally, the higher the standing of the school, the more employers will favor the degree.

There are some recent issues that involved profit online schools which have made this a very important issue. On April 2015, FTC or Federal Trade Commission investigated the University of Phoenix because of complaints from students in BS Human Services online degree program. Most students who applied for a job were rejected by employers, citing that the online program was not properly accredited.

2. Excellent Discipline and Management Skills

Because you own your time, you need to train yourself to be disciplined and hone your time management skills. Distance learning programs may allow you to study whenever you want to, however, do not think that you will spend any less time studying.

Are you easily distracted? Do you wait until the last minute to do your work? Do you have trouble setting goals and achieving them? If so, then distance learning program is not for you.

3. As Difficult as Traditional Class

Distance Learning Programs might allow you to take them on your own personal schedule, however, that does not make the course easier. Without good time-management skills, the advantages of a distance learning program can easily become your disadvantage.

Add that challenge to struggle of learning through a computer and it can become much harder than a traditional class.

4. You are More Likely to Fail

Schools that offer distance learning programs love to promise that it would be a lot easier than traditional classes. However, what they do not tell you is that unless you are incredibly disciplined, you are more likely to fail out the distance learning program and thus wasting a lot of time and money.

New York Times said that online courses are not a problem for highly motivated and highly skilled people, however, it might be inappropriate for struggling students who need close contact with instructors to succeed and cannot manage time wisely.

5. Hidden Fees

If you think of taking a distance learning program because of its flexibility, then you might want to investigate how much it will cost you. There are some online universities that penalize students who only want to take a class or two at a time. Additionally, US News said that you should also keep an eye on hidden graduation fees, assessment fees, and even PARKING FEES when you are browsing around for a degree program.


Distance learning programs might seem like a good idea, especially if you are a very busy person. It provides flexibility and helps you build discipline and time-management skills. However, when choosing distance learning courses, be sure to look closely and meticulous in choosing the best online program in order to have only the best quality experience and value for your time and money.

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