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I have faced some interviews in my life, some I cleared with flying colors and some I failed, but the thing which remains constant in this process is CV, a short hand for the Curriculum Vitae.

The CV is your indirect bespoke person who will communicate with the recruiters that are searching for the potential candidate to fill the vacant job position.

Are you a job seeker and in a quest of acquiring a corporate job?

But the thing which is becoming a cause of concern for you is that why you are not receiving calls from the companies for any job?

You must be stressing your mind too hard that have I missed something that failed to impress the hiring professionals?

Then probably you must have skipped any details of yours which may bar you in reaching to the eye of the professionals.

The things which you must mention on your CV and needless to mention not to forget ever includes the following:

  1. Contact Info

The job seekers must make sure of the fact that they provide the correct insights of their contact numbers and never leave this block empty as it will facilitate in establishing a point of connection with the hiring team.

Linda Joseph, a writer of the CV writing service, shared her experience and said that “generally people demands of adding multiple cell numbers to their contact number field.”

Some even ask for their landline number to get added, and that is quite absurd!

Avoid confusing the recruiters with your different phone numbers.

  1. Work History

It is imperative to write your past records (companies), your achievements, skills and what contributions you have made to the department.

By that, it becomes easy for the people on a hiring spree to search for you and offer the job that matches up with the level of your expertise.

  1. An Impressive Professional Title

The people who are looking for a job change need not skip giving an apt title in sync with your related field.

An attractive and unique title maximizes the chances of getting a suitable job.

  1. Add Additional Qualification if Any

Owning an extra certification related to your degree? Great! It’s more like an icing on the cake.

Remember this of mentioning it on your CV as it will take the recruitment team to make you call quickly and you never know you may get a call-in minute by the time you add this field.

The organization is on a hunt for the person who is already holding a certificate of the course as they prefer the one who does not require any training.

  1. Always be Loyal

Don’t be over smart while filling the fields of your CV and stay away from faking the qualifications which you did not have.

As it will get revealed at the time of your interview session and will put a bad mark on your CV.

So, that is all about the essential things which you never miss on CV!

Hoping that you will get these things stored in mind and will never ever erase from your memory after reading this blog!

Don’t forget to post your comments as I am waiting for your response!

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