5 Things That Lack Of Affection Does To Your Body And Mind

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That Lack Of Affection Does To Your Body And Mind

Skin Hunger is an actual term that is used to define the condition of any individual who is deprived of an affectionate touch for long. And yes it exists in a very effective form. Physical affection is as important for our mind and soul as is food, water, love or sleep.

Affection is something between loving someone and being sexually involved with them. It is a feeling that comes with a physical contact or an expression that is different from sexual activity. And when in a relationship it forms the perfect grounds for a healthy married life. Here are some of the concerns that one might face if he/she is experiencing a lack of affection:

1.Social negligence:

A person who doesn’t receive affection from the partner is often closed to the society. They tend to become introvert and do not like sharing their self with anyone neither physically nor mentally. This invites a rage of social negligence which is very common if you don’t mix up well with people.


Why me?? Am I not good enough?? Does the other person is better than me?? These are the common question that rams in the mind of a person that has long been separated with affection. These questions build up a tendency of self-consciousness. This is a problem that may lead to depression.

3.Anxiety And Mood Swings:

An affectionate touch may do wonders and bring you out of the web of many moods and anxiety disorders. A person may get held up with loneliness the most which are only curable by affection.

Lack Of Affection

4.Chances of Alexithymia:

Though the changes occur when the deprivation crosses an extent a person that has Alexithymia develops the tendency that impairs the ability of the individual to express or interpret emotions. The person can thus be called as emotionally dead.

5.Lack of immunity

Lack of affection may attack your immune system and make your body weak. A weak immune system means a clear invitation to the diseases to come and feed on you. This happens as the affection related hormones such as dopamine doesn’t flow in an affection deprived body and hence body misses on one of its prime components.

All these are the adverse effects that one may experience if they do not get the affection for a long time. So do not make your partner suffer from all these things and show them affection quiet often. You don’t have to wait for any special occasion to ring the bell for this. Just express your love in an affectionate way and bless your partner with good health.

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