5 Things A Husband Should Never Say To His Wife

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Husband Should Never Say To His Wife

Marriage is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, and who know that even though they are wonderful as individuals, they are even better together.” It is very important to treat each other equally in a relationship. Many times we see men dominating their wives, just because they earn and their wife does not. Is it ethical? No, not at all. We talk a lot about women empowerment, equal status but where does all this go when a husband tries to overpower his wife. Truly speaking, treating your wife with respect and equality makes you a real man. So, here are some of the things a husband should never say to his wife.

1.Look At Yourself

Do not make her feel insecure due to her looks. She sees herself from your eyes. This one comment can make her self-esteem so low. Instead of making her feel bad you can try helping her join some yoga class or gym.

2.Are You On Your Periods?

Instead of asking this just try fixing her mood. It can be really insulting for her. During those days even if she feels blue or she gets angry because of the hormonal changes, just try to do something that makes her feel better.

3.It’s My House And My Money

Never say this to her. Trust me, it can even shatter her emotions badly. In case if you are the only one earning then also think about it, she is the one who manages the house, cooks the food and takes care of the kids. Before saying this, just ponder over it, had she not been there, would you be able to manage everything alone?

4.You Are Just Like Your Mother

This thing, when said with negative intention, is really insulting and abusive not only for her but also for her mother. Be very careful while speaking because it is an old adage ” words once spoken cannot be taken back”.

5.I Work The Whole Day, What Do You Do?

It is really painful for a wife. If she is a homemaker then don’t forget the freshly cooked food, clean house that you get is just because of her that she dis whole day. Be grateful to her what she does for you.

All in all, ponder over these things and give some respect to you lady. Pamper her with the things she loves. This will help you keep both happy and can enjoy a healthy relationship.

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