5 Restaurants you Definitely Want to Check out When Partying in London

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Having a dinner does not have to be a formal occasion where people tuck in napkins and have the ‘so, how was your day’ kind of talk. Sometimes you just want a place to meet good old friends, have a drink, a bite or two and a good laugh. Other times you just want a place to party and unwind after a hectic week at work. You can choose to do this in a semi formal kind of setup.

Finding a restaurant for partying can be quite tedious in London especially if it is a party that was not planned for. However, some greater London restaurants can never disappoint you regardless of the time of day.

The Piano Works

If you love music, you will definitely choose this place for that get together party you are planning. They do sumptuous steak and other great cuisines. The space is large enough to accommodate many people at a go. There are two pianists to play your favourite music from dusk until dawn as you chat and catch up with your friends. This can be a great way to treat your friends in London after a long time.

Proud Cabaret City

You can have a drink as you listen to various artists on a live platform. With artists playing various songs and genres of music, Proud Cabaret City gives you a memorable entertainment experience. They have seasoned chefs who give the best bites that will leave you wanting more. This place should be high up on your list if you are looking for the best restaurants to party in London.

Salvador and Amanda

This is a great place to unwind. The Spanish culture and frenzy is brought all the way to London. The environment is quite conducive for partying. Attractive colours, great leather boots, and the dance floor bustling with activity are some of the things that make this restaurant a great place to party. Do you want a Spanish bite? Salvador and Amanda will not disappoint you.

Abbey Taverna

Greek party experiences have been known to be magical since antiquity. They still are. For a marvelous Greek party and delicious Greek cuisines, Abbey Taverna is the place for you. Situated in Waltham Abbey, Abbey Taverna offers you the best of the Greek world. You also get to be entertained by great dancers and great music that bring the memories of medieval times. It is a great party hub.

Fire and Stone Convent Garden

The interior design of this place is stunning. This makes it ideal for group parties and events. It is known all over the world for great Italian Pizza. The prices are not exorbitant and it is a great place when you have a tight budget. The group dining facilities are excellent, making it one of the most popular group dining destinations.

Partying can be a great experience in London. If you find a great restaurant with the best entertainment and cuisines, you may not want to leave London. For more info, you can visit Gourmetguide.co.uk.

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