5 Reasons You Should Get A Curved Towel Radiator

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Curved Towel Radiator

Curved towel radiators are an easy way to add a tinge of finesse to your bathroom décor. They not only provide the comfort of warm towels but also put on a subtle hint of luxury to your bathroom space.

They may appear as any run-of-the-mill railing for hanging clothes, but in reality, they are more than what they look. A number of benefits have accrued to consumers who took to curved towel radiators in their bathrooms and have shared their experiences of comfort and ease from its use.

Take a look at the following five important reasons to get a curved towel radiator.

1. They help to ward off the bacteria

The bathroom is the most noticeable place which acts as the breeding ground for bacteria for very obvious reasons. No matter how hard you try to clean the bathroom and use sundry toiletry liquids to keep it spick and span, it will always be infested with bacteria and insects.

If you have more members at home, cleaning the bathroom will definitely seem an uphill task and the risk of pathogens looms large in these places. A small step in the direction of keeping your bathroom clean is the use of curved towel radiators. We know that our toiletries also remain unclean and so also towels and bathrobes.

Damp towels lure bacteria and fungi where they multiply in large numbers and up the ante. Drying towels after use are essential to stop the microbes from proliferating and they will be nipped in the bud.

Thus, hanging towels on curved towel radiators can prevent bacteria from developing on its fabric and be tidy for further use.

Curved Towel Radiator

2. They are a smart storage solution

Many of us love building a luxury and chic bathroom where all sorts of aromas, candles, and beauty products are lined up for handy usage. Not only have those things showcasing your love for the panache of products, but also your sanitary ware.

A sleek range of designs and features on bathroom tiles, taps, showers, bathtubs, hangers, etc. enhances the look of your bathrooms. Curved Towel radiators also do the same with modish designs made of stainless steel, mirror finish, as well as hand-polished and serve as more than a radiator.

You can hang your towels on such radiators and dispense with the need of building bathroom cabinets to store the bathroom apparel.

3. They are energy-efficient

The use of curved towel radiators will cut down your energy wastage and soaring electricity bills big time. These curved towel radiators come with an inbuilt controller which can be used to reduce your power usage and make a big difference in your running costs.

One curved towel radiator would need energy equivalent to one light bulb. So, now you understand why big things come in small packages. A small one-time investment is needed in installing a curved towel radiator and you make huge savings on your current wastage.

Soon you will see the decrease in power wastage materialize on your electricity bills.

4. They lessen the laundry

Towel and other bathroom apparels need to be washed regularly to keep them clean. This adds to the everyday laundry that you do. Quite many of us wash the towels and clothes separately.

This means more usage of water and power. The best way to get rid of routine cleaning of towels is to use a curved towel radiator which will dry them in a few minutes and keep it uncontaminated and ready for your next use.

You will see a decline in your laundry loads and also save water and energy.

5. They ensure comfort in the bathroom

Having to bath in winter is akin to jumping out in the snow. Usually, the hot air of the radiators doesn’t reach our bathrooms and it remains a rather cold part of your home. Rushing out to your warm room after taking a bath is a big respite in winter.

But what if your bathrooms remain warm too? Well, curved towel radiators do exactly that. Not only will your bathroom have a comfortable temperature to take a bath (if you have a small bathroom space), but it will also give you a clean and dry towel to envelop your wet body.

You can even increase the temperature of the curved towel radiator in colder months. Imagine walking out your bathtub and wrapping a warm towel; winters will no longer be hard on you.


These are some significant reasons that give you insightful information as to why should you go about purchasing a curved towel radiator. Cleanliness in your bathroom will be augmented even more with the use of such radiators.

So, before you purchase your next radiator, keep the aforementioned reasons in mind and make a negotiation with your supplier.

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