5 Reasons Why Scooters are the Best Personal Transport for Urban Areas

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If you are thinking of getting yourself a two-wheeler for getting to work on time, but just cannot decide which one to buy, you should give scooters a serious thought. It’s true that they seemingly went out of style around the 80s. However, scooters are making a healthy comeback for the light and medium users who do not want to deal with heavy motorcycles which are hard to drive and maintain as well. There are a number of reasons why you should prefer a scooter over a motorcycle or any other type of two-wheeler. Here is a listing of the best reasons why you should consider switching over to the less popular side:

1. Minimum Servicing

Servicing and tune-ups are only fun for those who enjoy owning a bike. If you want a vehicle that gets you from point X to point Y with the least amount of trouble, you might want to consider a smaller scooter instead. Anyone who has had a bike will tell you that the seats have to be adjusted, the tires changed and checked periodically, the engine serviced and so on. Without these things done up, it is actually not safe to take a motorcycle out on the road. While these things are certainly required for a scooter too, it is much easier to have it done and maintained. So, if you are looking for a no-frills, no-maintenance vehicle, you might want to switch over to the scooter camp.

2. Low-Priced Economical Vehicle

Most motorcycle makers today service an increasingly demanding niche that wants more features, including speed, agility and pickup. While pushing the need for servicing and maintenance to max, it also makes bikes way more expensive than scooters. Scooters are particularly economical and helpful if you have a very short commute that is just long enough to make it unwalkable. Also, scooters are better for the environment and have a fraction of the emission that motorbikes have, all the while providing greater mileage. Getting a scooter, therefore, helps not just you but also our Mother Earth.


3. Less Risky and Comes with Insurance Premium Advantage

One fact that nobody tells you about motorbikes is that they are risky. They are statistically involved in more accidents than cars and definitely more than scooters. Also, when you insure your scooter, you will find out that the premium on these machines is much less than it is on heavy duty bikes. Now, insurance premiums are simply a reflection of the risk assessment that the insurance firm has made about your vehicle. And clearly, scooters come out on top here. Sure, they are a lot less fun and give much less speeds, but if you are not the daredevil, scooters are definitely the better option.

4. Easier To Ride

This is something any average rider will testify to. If you are not great with balance or managing a heavy duty motorbike on the road,  scooters are a boon for you. Not only are they more fun this way, you can really take them out for a ride. Scooters are also cool in that they are a symbol of youth and energy while motorbikes exude a sense of brawn and masculinity.

5. Equipped with New Technology

While scooters seem to have peaked in popularity a long time ago, for the most part, they are considered vintage. While that may be bad news for scooter makers, they also exude a sense of cool now that is missing from the cliche of motorbikes. However, that does not have to be the end of innovation for scooters. The modern versions are equipped with all kinds of new features that make for a smoother ride. Fuel efficiency has gone up, and if you are thinking of going green, scooters are a good option.

In the eternal motorbikes versus scooters debate, you may know where you stand if you consider the above points. Additionally, remember that it’s prudent to have comprehensive insurance for your scooter if you are planning to buy one. You can purchase this motorcycle insurance online and ensure safety for your beloved new scooter and yourself.

Happy Riding!

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