5 Low Cost Business Ideas Or Earning Options For College Students

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Business Ideas

College life is fun, but these days college education is very costly as well. Most college students end up very broke because there aren’t many opportunities out there for them to earn enough to support their education if their family don’t have sufficient financial strength for their education.

If you are a student and looking for earing opportunities, here are some low-cost earning options or business ideas you may consider:

1. Babysitting

You can start a caretaking business for people who are working and they will pay you a pretty dollar for the same. You can be paid for things as simple as picking the kids from school, dropping them to school and so on and so forth.

Just know where to post your services for example on mom networks and on sites like SitterCity.com. Only one qualification is required and that is, you must love kids, and you do.

That is why you are already thinking about this kind of work. If you do not love babies, do not attempt this because it requires patience and skill.

2. Home Tuition

Ask around and you will be happy to know of people who have trained others in languages, math and other subjects in various places. You can even train people how to speak and write in English over Skype! Many people from Asian and other countries are looking for people to train them in English.

Business Ideas

However, closer, back home, you can offer home tuition services for different academic subjects that you do understand very well. You can also talk to the college professors to see whether they can list you as a tutor on the college website because many students start there when looking for a tutor. You should understand the subject you want to teach others very well.

3. Writing Services

If you have made it to college, you can definitely write good stuff. All over the internet, you will find many website owners looking for written content.

Just send emails, do some cold calling and you will be well set up with a job in a very short time. You may also start offering resume writing services to your fellow students when they are looking for summer jobs or for internships.

4. House Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning is a hard job yes, but it pays a pretty dollar and besides, it is the job that everyone else wants to avoid. So go ahead, post an apartment cleaning classified on Craigslist or someplace else and then wait for the calls to come in. If you do the job well, you can practically be called back regularly all your college years. House cleaning fetches some good money.

5. Blogging

Blogging pays, ok, not immediately, but after some time, it does pay some good money, but on condition that you do everything right. In fact, some have quit their mainstream jobs to become full-time bloggers. Just identify a topic in which you can be or are already an authority and then start creating video, photo and text content around it to build an audience.

Google thrives on good, unique and informative content. Just take time, create the best, 100 unique content, and post it on your blog and then wait for Google and other search engines to do the rest. After building a good audience, you can then approach marketers to advertise relevant products with you.

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