5 Habits That Enhance the Cognitive Function

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The human mind is like a giant computer in the way it works.  It works extremely hard and it has got giant muscles.  The more we use it, the better it works!  How you use up your brain helps it build a muscle every day.  There are many different cognitive strategies to build up brain power.

In order to give your brain a full workout, there is need to engage both hemispheres of the cerebrum and cerebellum.  This is only possible by performing, exploring and learning new things in the three dimensions of the real world.

The habits include

  • Meditation – Daily meditation is key to improving your cognitive function. You don’t have to be an expert at mediation to gain the benefits.  You just need to take twenty minutes of calm meditation to your daily routine and it can go a long way in improving your mental health.  If you choose to follow a guided meditation, simply relax and clear your mind to get all the benefits from the improved mental influence.
  • Sleep – A proper sleep routine is vital to your health. Your body needs enough sleep to regenerate and rest.  By limiting your time to sleep and rest, then you lose on the body’s best healing tools.  The less sleep you get, the less mentally sharp and productive you are.
  • Brain food – The best way to build up your brain is by giving it the right diet. The right diet is found in supplement form that when added to your diet proves to enhance your brain function.  The super foods that will help your mind are walnuts, berries, sardines, olive oil, dark chocolate, garlic, and water.  These brain foods are best added to your diet on a regular basis so you can gain their benefits.  Eliminating or reducing intake of sugary, fatty as well as processed foods also helps increase your brain function.  Sugary and fatty foods slow down your metabolism as well as your brain function.
  • Cognitive enhancers – Lack of the right brain food means that you need to find the right nutrients to top up. Using cognitive enhancers allows you to top up on the lacking nutrients, helping your brain work better.  Cognitive enhancers allow a perfect balance of vitamins, herbs, and supplements.  Put together in only one pill, it makes it easy to get the required nutrients. A visit to the pharmacy will get you a pack of what’s best to use.
  • Brain games – Mental challenges are great in that they build the mental muscle. Learning something that is challenging keeps your mind active and strong.  Notice that when you stop learning, it is the same as stopping to walk or exercise every day.  You not only lose the momentum but you lose all that you had worked hard for.  Keep challenging your mind with new information or tasks to keep it active and strong.  Having a mental edge will help you achieve your goals and remain mentally strong!

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