5 Facts That Will Make You Say “OMG”!!!

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We live in a world that is full of creative and unique things. There are many wonderful things in the word that leave you completely awestruck and in a state of mind that you do not want to believe what you just come across. These things are either natural or manmade but trust us they really have the ability to leave you off ground.

For those who think that they know everything about the creations of the Almighty, here are the 5 facts that will make you say “OMG”!!!

1.The Blue Whale & The Arteries

The blue whale is the largest mammal /creature to have existed in this world. With the length up to 30 meters and the highest recorded weight of 173 tons, this animal is the largest extant animal. Not only this must you be shocked to know that the blood arteries of the blue whale are big enough for a human to swim through them. Oh, we can imagine the way you look after reading this, but this is very much true. The Blue whale’s arteries pump 58 gallons of blood through the body with every beat. This is equal to 220 liters

2.The Youngest Grandmother

You must have heard the government advertising about the right age become pregnant but it seems like this information is not very well spread in then the world. Want to know why because the youngest grandmother is just 23. Oh no, we are not kidding with you and this story is very true. Rifca Stanescu a girl from Romania became pregnant with her first child at the age of 12 years. History repeated itself after 11 years when Maria, Rifca’s daughter gave birth to her first child at the age of 11 years. This made Rifca the youngest grandmother ever at the age of 23 only.

3.Grizzly Bear

There are many types of animals in this world and each has a different and unique quality. When it comes to strength Grizzly bear knows no comparison. A typical Grizzly Bear is able to lift 500kg weight. This is approximately .8 times of its body weight.

Not only he can lift such heavy weights but can through this up to the range of 1 kilometers. Shocked!!! So next time when you visit a zoo keep a distance from the Grizzly Bear as he may look upon you as a mere pebble for him.

4.A Human Eye

A human eye has many facts associated with it. You must blink your eyes knowingly or unknowingly many times. But have you ever thought of counting how many times you blink your eyes in a day?. If not then here are some figures for you. A human blinks his eye 15-20 times per minute. This sum up to 1200 times per hour and an enormous 28800 times in a day. This we do to keep our eyes lubricated.

Not only had this but we spent 10 percent of our waking hours keeping our eyes closed. Isn’t it weird!!!

5.Kids And Their Curiosity

Kids are very cute but a kid asking the question can be at times the major reason for the pain in your head. Do not believe us, but the facts say that a typical 4-year kid asks 437 questions per day. And for more surprise, most of these question are simply baseless, now who can answer why do we have to keep our nostrils open to breathe?

These facts must have definitely spun your head a little. But these are just the highlights there are many such facts that really hit you off ground and make you say Oh My God!!!

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