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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as we all know, has become an important tool today for enhancing online visibility of websites and businesses. If you wish to rank #1 or anywhere on the first page of Google’s organic searches, it is essential that you invest in one of the best SEO packages in India. An online business, without the right SEO package, is equivalent to a business without the right salesmen. However, a number of important considerations go into an SEO purchase decision and one of them is the performance of the SEO package. How do you know if the SEO will perform just right for your organization? How will you know if the SEO service provider is giving you the right set of metrics? Well, here is the chance to find out. In this blog, we outline 5 performance metrics or KPIs that the best SEO package needs to focus on and that you should definitely insist on having in your SEO portfolio.

  1. SEO Traffic:

The SEO Traffic KPI measures the number of visitors to your website through organic or paid searches. Some SEO packages can also segregate this number into organic search traffic and the rest, in order to give you a better picture. This KPI helps you to gauge how well your SEO efforts are doing in order to drive up the number of visits to your page.

  1. Content Backlog:

Content is the king and will continue to remain so. It is, therefore, vital for your SEO company to publish and maintain new content. Content backlog, which is the total number of unpublished pieces of content, is a good way of measuring how your SEO package is performing.

  1. Page-views:

Page-views is the measure of the total number of views a certain page has received. Having page-views as a KPI gives you an idea of how interesting or attractive your page is to viewers. If you have a page that has considerably high page-views, then you can use that page as a torchbearer for the rest of your website.

  1. Top Viewed Posts:

Top viewed posts are measured as the number of posts that have the highest total number of unique page-views. This is somewhat similar to the page-views KPI but is different in the sense that it gives the number of unique views for a post. That helps you to gauge which of your posts are the most popular ones so that you can spend additional time and effort to modify the content in order to please your customers.

  1. SEO Keyword Ranking:

And last but not the least is the KPI of SEO Keyword Ranking. This measures your search engine rankings for targeted keywords and also tracks and analyzes the change in ranking over time. It is highly important to stay on the top of search engine rankings and therefore, this is the most important KPI that should be present in any SEO package.

We have listed, above, the most important performance metrics or KPIs that you should definitely have in your SEO package. SEO may not be as effective as desired without the above KPIs. Do ask them for the above-mentioned performance metrics them when you are hunting for the best SEO packages in India.

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