5 Best White-Hat SEO Techniques to Use for Business Advertising Online In 2018!

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SEO Techniques

5 Best White-Hat SEO Techniques: Improving the search engine rankings for your business is no simple task today. More and more companies are investing in SEO making search engines smarter and sophisticated when it comes to their algorithms. Techniques acceptable in the past have now become black-hat or gray-hat. If you are not careful and embrace the wrong methods, you will suffer substantial penalties imposed by Google!

No matter how sophisticated search engines get, the challenge remains. You need links, traffic and search ranks. Now, the question here is how you will attain the above ethically?

White-Hat SEO techniques for your business online

Experts in the field of search engine optimization today say there are robust white-hat strategies to help you attain search engine rankings. The following are 5 of these best white-hat SEO techniques to use to get better search engine ranks, traffic and visibility online-

  1. GuestPosts The subject of guest posts is of much debate and has been contested territory for a long time. In 2014, the head of Google’s webspam Matt Cutts said guest posts were ineffective when it came to link building, and he said that if a business was into a lot of guest posting, they were hanging out with a really bad company. It is simple for you to see why guest posting has come under controversy in the recent years. If you check their performance in the past, it was simple for an online business to get backlinks with guest posting.

For some companies, it was straightforward. If you look at the word count of a standard guest post, it is 500 words and generally has no links to original sources besides the website of the author. Guest posts also do not give you thoughtful insights or commentary. Now, this does not mean that guest posts do not have worth. They do. However, most of the guest posts online do not address the concern of the readers. Guest bloggers do not bother whether readers derive value from the guest post or not. They are more concerned about getting a link, and so they create a post for the purpose. Now, the above does make the subject of guest blogging debatable. However, it does give you an opportunity.

Instead of focusing on getting links, guest blogging helps you with search engine optimization indirectly. You need to be consistent in posting relevant content applicable to your blog. That drives up social shares and creates an authority to your website. Moreover, you reflect the quality, and this is where Google will notice you. You will generate genuine traffic to your site from content high in quality. It subsequently contributes to link building. Therefore, from the above, it is evident that creating posts low in quality to your website is now a thing of the past. The same rule also applies to paid third-party links. If you are discreet as an online business, using guest blogging is a potent tool for increasing online visibility for your business and establishing authority online.

  1. Using Infographics- Infographics is immensely powerful for your business as it helps you get your point across intuitively and quickly. That is why infographics are very popular. It helps you to generate high-quality backlinks faster. You must be aware of the embed code to get links back to your website. There are credible online tools to help you build this code. For instance, SeigeMedia Embed Code Generator is one such tool on the internet that enables you to create a code. This embed code is the one that people will use when they wish to post your infographics on their website. Here, you should include a request to link back your site as this makes it simple for you to bundle the URL you desire them to use in the embed code of infographics. In this way, they will not miss seeing it. Some people will ignore the code. However, most people will attribute to infographics when they agree to post it.

SEO Techniques

You may make this attribution a hyperlink right back to your website. You may get your infographic to reach more people. Here, you can use infographic publishers however they need approximately a 70 -word description of your infographic. They generally store it, and when other content bloggers and marketers need infographics, they will find and present your infographics to them. You need to ensure your infographics are not published on dead sites as these free landscape pages change quickly. If you need extra, you can search for infographics on these sites and find infographics on the same need. You may reach out to users and improve business advertising. In this way, you will receive quality backlinks from relevant sites.

  1. CEO and other employee blogs- With the help of blogs, you can connect with readers. The style of blogs is usually conversational and informal. They are different from the writing style you generally find in newspapers and magazines. Professional blogs reach out to the customer and create a personal connection. You can use the personal blogs of the CEO and other employees of the business to connect and form a bond with customers. That goes a long way to create and generate content that feels personal and natural. Here, the CEO or employee may blog on their interests. These interests should sync in with the targets of the company.

Such blogs also provide you with specific insights. Specific employees know the salient things that other employees from the team do not know. They may be more experienced and have industry exposure. If you wish to highlight the legal implications of a product you may be developing, getting someone from the legal department can help you to blog about it. Readers from other companies will use your blog to know about them. You can create these professional blogs in one of the following two ways. You can create a multi-voice blog on your website where you publish posts from the mainstream blog of your company or post them as separate sections with visual branding. You may have team member blogging on their domains and refer these posts to the company blog as and when appropriate.

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  1. Surplus your top competitor – Every industry has a champion. Now, when you are advertising for your business, the urge to be a champion in your industry niche is apparent. You must know who your contenders in the industry are and how can you seize the top position from the competitor that is already there. The above can be attained with search engine optimization content marketing and link building. You need to examine live content on your website and check how they are performing. Look for that post is amazing and doing well. Evaluate the post and make it better. You could perhaps add some more detail or list methods to guide customers. Content does not mean just content. It can be an infographic, video, blog, etc. In short, it needs to be a credible resource page for your customers online.

Your content works better if it is seen and shared. Reach out to the targeted audience through the right channels. In fact, you can create a spreadsheet of the people who will be interested in your content. Share the content with them and encourage them to leave comments and feedback. Gradually with time, you provide value to online customers with your posts, and this helps you to grab the top slot.

  1. Interviews- This may sound surprising however interviews do work. CEOs and employees are the ideal subjects for interviews. If you take interviews of experts in the subject matter and post it online, you will find many readers for the post. In fact, the posts will help you to sell your brand in the market better. You may take a video of the interview and post it on your website. You also get the chance to talk about the products or the services that you offer.

You may give your customers valuable insights about the offerings. Here, you may mention new projects or ventures that will arrive in the future. Visitors online will identify with your cause to resolve challenges and provide information. This gesture does go a very long way to build trust and credibility for your brand. It helps you to expose your business effectively to the online market without hassles at all. You get the chance to talk positively about your company directly with the targeted audience.

Therefore, in the field of online advertising and marketing, keep the above 5 SEO white hat techniques in mind. They not only improve search engine ranks but they go the extra mile when it comes to connecting with the targeted audience and building brand exposure in the market. The marketing should be relevant to your industry niche. It should have value and be informative for others to read and use. In short, with the help of these techniques, you effectively can grab attention ethically when it comes to effective search engine optimization techniques for your business online.

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