Trying to be a successful student can seem super challenging sometimes. How on earth are you supposed to effectively juggle homework, essays, and tests without losing your mind? Well, there are actually some sites that can be incredibly useful to help you up your game. Read on for the five best sites to help you ace your schoolwork!

Completely clueless about that latest essay assignment you got? Don’t freak out! can come to the rescue with a perfect essay guaranteed to wow your professor. Their writers work overtime to provide you with a customized essay that meets the assignment requirements, all while including only the latest information and following the most proper grammar and style rules. takes all of the guesswork out of the picture – just submit your topic and assignment details, and they’ll meet your deadline with a killer essay!

You can write a great essay, but if your citations aren’t correct, your professor can still give you a low grade. That’s where EasyBib comes in. This easy-to-use site allows you to plug in your sources, and then they come up with a detailed bibliography or works cited page in whatever style you need (MLA, APA, etc.). Never worry about messing up your sources again!

Chegg is a great resource for many different things you need as a student. You can buy or rent textbooks, ask a study question, or get access to an online tutor all on one site. There’s also tons of homework help options, including everything from SAT and GRE prep to 24/7 tutoring. Although it’s $14.95 a month, all of the awesome features will make it well worth it once you’re rocking all of your classes.

This site is basically why the Internet was invented. Just type in any (really any!) question you have, and WolframAlpha will spit out the correct answer. No matter what subject your query falls under, they have you covered, whether it’s chemistry, engineering, history, linguistics, etc. So, never worry about getting stuck on your homework again!

Feel like you could benefit from making studying more interesting? Quizlet allows you to create learning tools to help you better comprehend and remember your subject matter. You can develop flashcards, diagrams, and games to aid your understanding and have better recall of the info. You even have access to other student’s study materials, so everyone can collaborate with each other – leading to you killing it at the study game!

Whether you need assistance with an essay from or you need help remembering French vocabulary, these sites will have you easily achieving all of your study goals!

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