5 Best Date Movies To Watch On Halloween 2016

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Halloween 2016

Halloween round the corner, preparations are almost done with children all set with their costumes and of course a better way of fundraising. Celebrated majorly by young and teenagers, the occasion is to celebrate our fears. Besides repeating “trick or treat” endless times the day also gives us an opportunity to spend some good old times with friends, family, and nevertheless our partners. Most of the shopping is done a day or two before Halloween, so the only thing left to do on this day is to roam around, party, go out to dinner, dates, and so on. Another best and cosy thing one can be is watching movies. Couples who are willing to spend some private and quality time with each other can choose the latter in the best possible way. Well, we bring you 5 best date movies to watch on Halloween 2016 and get closer a little bit more(*wink*).

5 Best Date Movies On Halloween

1. The Exorcist

The following film is termed as all time classic when it comes to demonic possessions. Set in the era of 1970s, the film revolved around a single mother, a teenage girl and a priest who tries his best to carry out an exorcism. The movie came out to be such a massive hit that it was remade in almost 20 languages and more or less 5 times in Hollywood itself. This particular film will help teenage get closer and cosy on the couch with popcorns, well if you wish for some.

2. The Conjuring

Considered to be one of the best ever horror movies on 75 mm screen, the respective film is based on true story. It holds over one of the sessions taken by renowned paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren in a house situated in a remote area somewhere in the US. The cinematography is mind blowing with few of the scenes actually dead scary. If you and your partner is a big fan of true blue horror films, then The Conjuring is a must watch.

3. Carrie

The pretty much-acclaimed film of 2013, Carrie storyline revolved around a girl named Carietta White who has the eternal power of telekinesis. She plays the daughter of Julianne Moore who is herself fanatically religious lady. Bullied by her inmates, she uses her power to seek revenge against each and every person who ill-treated her. Loved and praised by audiences as well as the critics, the movie received a lot of appreciation for its direction. Good for those couples who are irrevocably in love with each other and swear-in to never let go.

4. The Twilight

The blockbuster film of 2008, the following romantic fantasy film revolved around vampires, wolves and humans. The triangular love story of the three helped lots of teenage couples rediscover their love in a faithful way. So, this would be a great film to watch out for if you both consider each other as soulmates. Sit back and enjoy, the most romantic-horror film till date.

5. Warm Bodies

Released on 2013, the movie revolves around a love story of a zombie boy and human girl who learns to feel right after the boy sees her. Practically, zombies are inhuman but in this film the entire world of zombie starts feeling emotions after the boy falls for the girl. The feeling works as a virus which starts infecting each one of them. Recommended mostly to hopeless unromantic people whose partners are eager enough to put in some feelings. Go ahead if you really want your partner to sink in deep in the relationship.

Well, sit back, relax and enjoy the movies. Just don’t forget to say Trick or Treat. Anyways, Happy Halloween.

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