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4shared is one of the most trending apps that supports all android and iOS devices. This app specifically designed in such a way to access and manage their files in secure cloud storage at 4shared with free 15GB of space. The very peculiar feature in 4shared download music free mp3. Apart from the cloud accessing the media, photos, and documents, mp3 songs can be downloaded for free.

4shared app has more than 50 lakhs mp3 tracks, we can access and listen and even download the entire collections. 4shared download music free mp3, we can also share our favourite number with our friends. 4shared supports continent and speed access to the entire cloud database right from the mp3 music to the documents. If we stored the documents or any other date in the cloud we can easily fetch the same whenever we need that.

4Shared download music free mp3 interface description

The 4shared app has designed in such a way of the simple and easy interface in which everyone can search and stream the file out of the massive content database. This app provides certain filters that are common with the other music app to get the results in a faster way. We can access the files from our own 4shared.com account.

Let’s move on to the section other than 4shared download music free, how to search and stream the music via 4shared app


Searching music via 4shared music

Everyone should be given an individual login and password once the 4shared account has been created. To search the particular mp3 number out of the massive collection one has to log in to the 4shared account. In the search, the menu types the needed tracks using their keyword, track name or artist name. once entered the list is displayed to u which the keywords are matching to your search. Just select the and click to stream on your searched number.

Streaming music via 4shared music

Once the track is selected from the search menu or even from the recommended suggestion, all you need is click on the track name it will automatically start playing. We can also select a certain song in the playlist which is comfortable for quick access.

Creating playlists

For the quick access of the 4shared download music free mp3, all we have to do is creating a playlist. To create the playlist just click and hold on the music files for a couple of seconds till the menu appears and, click “Add to Playlist”. You can as many of the songs to the created playlist. If you wish to create a separate playlist based on the songs, you choose “New” and create it by the name and click “Save”. If you want to add the songs in the same playlist then click “Current Playlist”. Once you successfully create a playlist it will automatically save in your 4shared music account and the list will appear on the screen once you logged in the concern.

Managing playlists

Managing the 4shared download music free mp3 is as simple as creating. Press on the playlist and hold until the menu appears and choose the related options from the menu such as play, rename, edit or even delete the playlist.

Some of the features of the 4shared download music free mp3 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Large and massive database
  • Radio stations options
  • Designed as a socialized app
  • The advanced and optimized search option
  • All these features are for free

4Shared download music free mp3

In this 4shared app, downloading an mp3 song is very easy. Once you find the song via the search options or using the recommended suggestions then just select the “Download”. Once selected the song gets downloaded in your 4shared account. The additional feature is the song can be played before downloading. We can listen to our favorite number wherever we want. It is the multifunctionality music player app not only supports mp3 but also other major music formats.

Any music lovers here, just visit 4shared.com and go to it. Hope this information useful for you if any of your friends need the music app just share this article. Share your views regarding the app in the comment section below.

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