4 Truths We Bet You Didn’t Know about Entertainment Units

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Entertainment Units

4 Truths We Bet You Didn’t Know about Entertainment Units: There is a vast number of entertainment units available in the market today. Most consumers may assume that once you have seen one TV unit or cabinet, you have seen them all. Contrary to popular belief, here are 4 things that you more than likely did not about TV cabinets and entertainment storage units:

You Should Sit Several Feet Away from the Screen

When you have a properly stored television, the last thing you want to do (or should do) is sit too close to it. This may seem a little off — especially when you spend a lot of money on purchasing one of the available high-value TV units. However, studies have proven that the exact opposite is the case. In an ideal situation, you should sit 7-8 feet away from TV screens that are larger than 46 inches.

Even if you have a 39-inch television, you should still sit between 5 and 6 feet away from the screen. Make sure that you advise your house guests and family members to

There Are More Unit Styles than You Think

In addition to the distance away from the television that you sit when viewing it, you should also keep in mind that different types and styles of units that are available. For instance, a transitional structure blends modern aesthetics with a traditional structure. Traditional units feature veneer construction and solid wood. Modern units are typically made of either glass or metal and usually come with clean lines and a minimal amount of ornamentation. You could even go with a mission-inspired unit, industrial entertainment center or rustic style which goes perfectly with your buffet furniture in the room as well.

Buffet Furniture and Entertainment Units

You Should Explore Various Mount Types

Along with the different types of units and cabinets, there is also a variety of mount types that can come within (or outside of) the storage unit. For instance, a fixed wall mount does not offer motion functionality or tilt control, suspending the TV from the wall like an artistic masterpiece to boost your appeal.

There are also tilting mounts and swivel mounts with full-motion capability. Do not forget to consider the safety aspect of the mounting option that you select. This is especially the case if you have a lot of children that may want to access the TV without proper supervision. In most cases, it is best to keep your TV mounted to the wall or properly stored and secured within the actual unit itself.

You Can Add Even More Features than You Think

tv cabinets and entertainment units

Another factor that you should consider is to explore the wide variety of features and bonuses available. For instance, most TV units come with storage capabilities — including shelving, cabinets, mounted storage options and even lighting to boost the overall appeal. Whether the lights are built-in or compatible options may vary depending on the design and structure of the TVcabinets. However, the key is to match your décor expectations and overall storage needs with the appropriate unit.

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