4 Tips for a Safe Blind Date

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Tips for a Safe Blind Date

Blind dates can be an exciting prospect to consider, simply because they bring a sense of thrill back to the modern dating scene. However, there is always an element of danger to it as well. Thankfully, we do not have to rely wholly on our instincts to be safe on a blind date anymore, as there are more reliable ways to be sure.

The safety measures we are going to discuss can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Precautionary measures to filter out most of the creeps and predators
  2. Safety steps and backup plans, in case you find yourself on a bad blind date

Both approaches are necessary to keep yourself safe, before and during each blind date.

Tips for a Safe Blind Date

Peeking Through the Blinds

Given a choice between safety and thrill, you should always choose safety, because it’s not really a choice for the most part! You don’t necessarily have to run a full-scale background check though, but running at least a publicly available alias records check on a site like publicrecordsreviews.com is highly recommended. Running your blind date’s name through their alias records database is an excellent, if not mandatory, precaution. To get a clearer idea regarding how such a check can keep you safe on blind dates, go through the following:

  • It can reveal if the person has a criminal record to their name; felonies, assault, and sexual offenses are obviously red flags
  • Checking through records reveals if someone has changed their name legally, as well as their original name
  • People often change their names to hide past deeds; but public records will still have any criminal records related to the previous name, if applicable
  • If all you have is a nickname, it’s possible that the nickname is all you need to find their original name and any associated red flags
  • Their relationship status from social media accounts may also be revealed, showing you whether they really are as single as they say they are
  • If the information available on the alias records seem to be in conflict with the potential blind date’s supplied info about themselves, that’s another red flag, indicating identity fraud

Peeking through the blinds for some foresight is better than rushing into danger without the necessary precautions.

Tips for a Safe Blind Date

Get to Know them a Bit First

This one’s becoming an alien concept nowadays, but the validity of the tip is as solid as ever. People can forge their identities, pretend to be someone else on the web, and may even be good enough actors to hide their true self for a while, but the longer they talk/chat with you, the more likely it is that you will be able to see through the pretenses.

If they are particularly insistent on meeting immediately after, it might be better to err on the safer side. Most bad blind date experiences are the ones that people rush into, so avoid the lure of quick dates as best as you can. If you can’t resist the urge to have a puritan blind date experience for some reason, pay special attention to the next tips.

Meet in a Public Place

A classic tip for meeting any stranger is that of utilizing public presence to your advantage. Make sure that your meeting spot has the following boxes checked:

  • It should be a public place and a fairly crowded one at that; reserve the isolated, romantic dates for later!
  • Pay heed to the time and date in relation to your meeting spot; will there be people around when you meet?
  • Pay heed to the location; is the “crowd” the kind of crowd that can make you feel safe?
  • Don’t let them convince you to go to a more secluded place, or an area of the town you don’t know, after the initial meeting

Tips for a Safe Blind Date

Don’t Get into Your Date’s Car

He might be driving the latest Aventador or a classic Mustang, but you can’t get inside the car of a stranger on your first blind date! Make sure that you two agree on the following points, before meeting:

  • Don’t let anyone pick you up, get to the meeting spot by yourself
  • Either both of you drive your own cars, or you can share a cab/Uber if another destination is agreed upon post-meeting
  • If those are not agreeable options, keep your first date limited to only the origin meeting spot

In case your blind date decides to show up in their own car and insists on going somewhere else in it together, that’s a red flag.

We should always trust our gut feelings, or so they say anyway! However, remind yourself that a lot of people with disagreeable tendencies can be quite charming initially. Keep the emergency numbers on speed dial and have a friend/family member check up on you frequently. Facts trump impressions when it comes to blind dates, and as long as you are smart about it, your dates will mostly be safe, although there’s no guarantee they will all be fabulous!

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