4 Reasons Why Dancing is the Best Meditation

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Why Dancing is the Best Meditation 4 ReasonsAll dancers know just how powerful dancing can be as a stress reliever. There’s just something magical about getting lost in the music! Whether you’re a professional or an armature, dancing might be just the remedy you need for a stressful day. In fact, it might even be the best meditation.

Everyone knows why meditation is so great for your mind and body, but what about dancing? Dancing, like meditation, lets you turn off your mind and focus on something else. It gives you a chance to refocus your breathing and your muscles into a clear movement. Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why dancing is the best meditation.

You Can Dance Anywhere

One of the reasons why dancing is such a great was to relax, like meditation, is because you can easily do it anywhere. You don’t need any special place or equipment to dance! As long as you have the right dance outfit you have everything you need for dance to get dancing! Dancing is the universal language!


It’s done in every culture and on every continent around the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling in the middle of nowhere or you’re stuck at home, you can always start dancing. Being able to dance anywhere is one of the main reasons it’s actually the best meditation!

It’s Been Around Forever

Dancing isn’t something that humans just started doing recently! Dancing has been one of the ways humans express themselves for years. From full moon bonfires in Native American tradition to the the heavily practiced movements of the Regency era.

From an early age, humans recognized the power of dance. Dance is an art form that’s open to everyone. It’s been used to create the most beautiful movements and creations.

Similarly, throughout time dance has been used at the center of ritual and magic! If you’ve ever danced under the moonlight or with a close friend, you know for yourself just how powerful dance movements can be! It seems like our ancestors were onto something when they included dance at the heart of their celebrations and rituals.

Even today dancing is a large part of our society and culture. From weddings to birthdays, dancing is at the forefront of activity and tradition!

Dancing Can Be Healing

Your body goes through a lot of stress every day. Even if you’re just going through your daily routine, your body faces both mental and physical stress as you go through regular challenges. Your body deserves a level of healing, and this can be achieved through dancing.

There is even a technique known as dance meditation in which relaxation is the main element of the dance. This has shown in recent studies to be a beneficial health practice leading to boosted immunity and even metabolism. In case you needed another reason to dance every day, just try dance meditation for yourself!

The healing powers of dance go beyond the well-practiced efforts of dance meditation. It also can be soothing for your mental and physical health. Everyone knows how importance health activity is on your overall health, and dancing is a great way to stay in shape! Dancing is a low-impact activity that strengthens your muscles and invigorates your cardiovascular system. If you’ve ever felt the need to blow off some steam, choose dancing!

Turn Off Your Brain

Everyone has a lot of stress in today’s world. Sometimes it seems like nothing is going your way and you just wish you could turn off the racing thoughts in your head. Dancing is that off switch.

When you meditate, you’re supposed to clear your thoughts and focus on one thing whether that’s a flickering flame or your own breathing. When you dance, it’s a similar concept. Instead of focusing on a flame or image, you’ll focus completely on the music.

It’s impossible to think about how anxious you are or your daily stress when you’re so absorbed in the way the music makes you feel. Your body reacts purely on muscle instanct. It’s all about the music and how it makes your body move! Your thoughts can wait!

The Power of Dance

Dancing is really one of the best ways to stay sane in this crazy world. You don’t have to be an expert dancer to feel the benefits of dance! As long as you’re passionate about the music and moving your body, you’ll feel the positive effects of dancing. Like meditation, dance gives you the opportunity to free yourself from the stress and anxiety of daily life. It’s all about movement and connecting with your body in a deeper way. What are you waiting for? Start dancing!

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