4 Important Steps to Take If You’re a Beginner at Deer-Hunting

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If you’re just a beginner as far as deer hunting is concerned, take heart. Even deer hunters with years of experience still learn something new every time they go out on a hunt. To be clear, it’s not easy and there are no shortcuts. However, with some preparation, even a beginner can have a very enjoyable deer-hunting experience.

To start you off, here are some important steps to starting deer-hunting suggested by professional huntsmen.

License and certification

You can’t simply get a gun and head out into the woods. To hunt legally, you need to get a license and pass safety certification classes that take into account the requirements of the state in which you’ll be hunting. Start by signing up for a hunter safety course and obtain certification from the Department of Natural Resources in your state.

Once you obtain the certificate, make sure you carry it with you whenever you go out hunting. Additionally, familiarize yourself with your state’s hunting rules and regulations, as well as any restrictions and limits. Some states, referred to as ‘draw states’, require hunters to specify the area in which they’ll be hunting.

To improve your chances of getting a permit to hunt in the area you want, put in a request for several adjacent zones.

Dress for the part

The weather is an integral part of the hunting experience, if not the most important. You’ll be spending hours in the woods so you need to dress appropriately for the weather. For instance, in hot weather, a light long-sleeved short can absorb your sweat and ensure you’re not cold in the case temperatures drop. Always carrying a hoodie or coat in your backpack is also a good idea.


Know your equipment

Be it a bow and arrow or a gun, knowing your weapons and tools is an important part of sportsmanship, and the hunting sport is no exception. It is imperative that you do a lot of practice before you go hunting in the woods. If you’re going on an Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunt as a family, make sure everyone (including your kids) is comfortable with their gun before heading out.

Go to the range a few times and get used to looking through the scope, focusing on the object, and squeezing the trigger the right way in order to hit your target. It takes time for most people to learn how to squeeze the trigger, and that can make a world of difference when you’re out in the woods.

If you’re planning to use a tree stand, get familiar with it and practice setting it up. The stand you use should be approved by the Treestand Manufacturers Association and should always be used with a safety harness. Using a homemade harness or one from another hunter is hazardous.

Pack the necessities

Among the essentials of good hunting is a well-stocked backpack. Some of the things you’ll need out in the field include a rangefinder, binoculars, and extra ammo. Carry extra clothes in case it becomes cold and wet. Bring along energy-boosting snacks, sports drinks and water for hydration, extra scent blockers, zip ties, and a knife.

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